A closer look at Dorking Wanderers ahead of the clash with Southend United

Dorking is currently 19th in the table. What have you made of the season so far?

“The season has been tough.

“It’s a very tough league, competing against full-time professionals, athletes and those who train regularly.

“We’ve suffered ridiculously bad luck with injuries both last season which has run into this and this season as well.

“Personally though, I’ve enjoyed it – going to some very classy clubs where we’ve been treated very well and making friends with a lot of opposition fans.”

“On the pitch, a few more points and I think we’ll be safe to survive another season.”

What were your objectives for this season and do you trust to stay?

“I think the main goal has been to stay in the division, to find our feet and I remain confident that that can happen.

We’ve had to compete against some of the greatest teams in the division, both physically on the court and in stature off it.

“We beat Notts County at home, we took six points from Barnet, Maidstone and we beat several other clubs at home.

“However, our away form has to improve, and we cross our fingers that this happens before the end of the season.

This will be the first time Southend have played Dorking. How exciting has the club’s progression been so far and what can you tell us about the club?

“The progression has been very exciting.

“Formed like a park side, then built our own land, as far as where we are now is the stuff of dreams.

“The club is only 24 years old and from the beginning it is now at the highest level outside the league.

“We have been able to draw an attendance of over 2,000 this season, something unheard of even in recent years.

“The ground has been developed, we have hundreds of local sponsors, boys’ and girls’ teams, a ladies’ team and a B-team, all of whom play under the Dorking Wanderers banner.

“We’ve brought in football league players like Barry Fuller, Gearge Francomb and Tony Craig to join our team, who have been with us for several seasons.”

Who is the danger?

“I think there are a few to be honest.

“Jimmy Muitt on the right wing is an exciting player, and the return of Jason Prior has fans excited, especially after his two goals at the weekend.

“Then there’s James McShane, another longtime player and fan favourite, along with Josh Taylor in midfield.”

What’s the team news?

“I’m not sure to be honest.

“It seems like we have a new injury almost every week and for some of our players playing Tuesday and then Saturday is difficult.

“Aaron Kuhl came off the bench on Saturday and could force a start tomorrow, but I expect it to remain a similar line-up to the one that beat Maidenhead at the weekend.”

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