Boxing Results: Harlem Eubank Defeats Miguel “El Gato” Antin!

By Ken Hisner: At York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, UK on Friday on DAZN promoted by Nisse Sauerland (Wasserman Boxing Ltd.), who featured in the Main Event undefeated UK Harlem Eubank from a fighting family who scored several knockdowns defeating Miguel “El Gato” Antin. over ten rounds for his seventeenth consecutive victory.

In the Main event, Harlem Eubank, 17-0 (6), #142 ¾, of Brighton, Sussex, UK, defeated Miguel “El Gato” Antin, 20-12-1 (8), #146 ¼, of El Baggins, ARG, more than ten rounds.

In the first round, both fell to the canvas. Eubank controlled with a jab. In the second and third, Eubank, from a fighting family, overtook Antin. In the fourth and fifth rounds, Antin came back well enough to take both rounds.

In the closing seconds of the sixth round, Eubank’s right hand to the body and down went to Antin for an 8 count by referee Bob Williams as the bell rang. In the seventh round, at the halfway point, a left to the body from Eubank dropped Antin for an 8-count by referee Williams.

Instead of going for the finish line, Eubank started dancing. Late in the round, Eubank had Antin in trouble at the bell.

In the ninth round, Eubank had his way, but began to run around the ring as the fans in the final minute began to boo. In the final seconds, Antin landed a right hand that knocked Eubank off balance and nearly dropped him. In the tenth and final round, Eubank, who should have finished this fight several rounds ago, did just enough to win the round but not in a good way. He would get into a clinch and then move around the ring instead of finishing the fight.

The scores were 99-89, 98-90, 97-91, and 98-90 for this writer.
Southpaw Jake Henty, 5-0 (2), #148 ¾, of Welling, UK, defeated Petar Aleksandrov, 4-28-1 (2), #151 ½, of Sofia, BULG, in six rounds.
In the first three rounds, the southpaw Henty bested Aleksandrov mainly with a jab. In the fourth and fifth rounds, Aleksandrov did better; even switching to a southpaw in the sixth round, Henty appeared to have thrown a shutout.

The score was 59-55 and 60-54 for this writer.

In a post-main event bout, southpaw super welter ‘Horrible’ Harry Scarff, 12-2 (3), #154 ¾, of Derby, UK, defeated Jordan Dujon, 8-2 (0), #156 ½ , from Barnet, UK, in eight rounds.

In the first round, Scarff easily got away with backing up Dujon, taking the round. In the second round, Scarff easily outpointed Dujon, who finally landed a right hand to Scarff’s chin in the dying seconds. In the third round, Dujon made it competitive even if he didn’t take the round from Scarff.

In the fourth round, Scarff switched to orthodox for the first minute before reverting to his natural southpaw. He did enough to take the round after referee Kearan McCann spoke to both fighters midway through the round. In the sixth round, the referee warned Scarff for using an open glove to hit Dujon.

In the seventh and eighth rounds, he got very sloppy, with Scarff going from southpaw to orthodox and the referee admonishing both for rudeness. The schedule of ten was reduced to 8.

The scores were 79-73, 78-74, 77-75 and 78-74 this writer.

Super Welter Abass Baraou, 13-1 (9), #155 ½, of Berlin, GER, defeated Ferenc Katona, 11-10-3 (7), #156, of Budapest, HUN, at 0:25 of the third round of an 8

In the final seconds of the first round, Baraou landed several left hooks to the body, then dropped Katona with a solid lead right to the chin for a count of 8 by referee Lee Every as the bell rang. In the closing seconds of the second round, Baraou landed three rights to Katona’s chin, easily dominating the round.

In the third round, after several punches from Baraou, Katona’s corner threw in the towel.

Super Light Jesse Brandon, 2-0 (1), of Finchley, UK, stopped Borja Lopez, 1-6 (0), of Malaga, SP, at 1:44 of the first round of a 4.

In the first round, a Brandon right hand to the chin and down went Lopez for an 8 count by referee Lee Avery. The referee asked Lopez who raised his hands to step forward, but he didn’t, so he should have stopped him. He allowed it to continue, and within seconds, Brandon dropped Lopez with a right hand to the chin as referee Avery stopped him on a count.

Heavyweight “Majic” Matty Harris, 5-0 (4), #261 ¼, of Coventry, UK, stopped Milos Veletic, 2-3 (1), #262 ½, of Bijeljina, B&H, at 0: 23 of the first round of a 6.

In the first round, after ten seconds, a 6:08” left hook from Harris to the chin and down went Veletic as referee Sean McAvoy wisely stopped it.

Feather Sophie Alisch, 9-0 (1), #124 ¾, of Berlin, GER, defeated Gemma Ruegg, 6-7 (1), #125 ¾, of Bournemouth, UK, in 6×2 rounds.

In the last minute of the first round, a flurry from Alisch caused Ruegg to get hurt and hold on. In the second through fifth rounds, Alisch outpointed Ruegg with a jab and occasional rights to the chin. In the sixth and final round, Alisch finished the round with a hard right to the chin from Ruegg’s game.

Referee Sean McAvoy scored 60-54, as did this writer.
Feather Codie Smith, 19, 1-0 (0), of Hull, Yorkshire, UK, dominated Luca Genovese, 4-20-5 (0), of Sant Elia, IT, in four rounds.

In the second round, Smith hurt Genovese with a body shot in the last minute of the round. In the fourth and final round, Smith tried to stop Genovese with rights to the chin, but Genovese was never stopped.

Referee Sean McAvoy scored 40-36, as did this writer.


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