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      Celtic stars react to funny Valentine’s tweets from fans as Jota agrees to ‘night ae dancing’ and Hart is left speechless

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      CELTIC stars have been inundated with tweets from fans in love for Valentine’s Day, and the club had the Hoops heroes react to them!

      As you can imagine, it comes with some pretty fun results.

      Jota was flooded with messages from fansCredit: YOUTUBE/CELTIC FC
      Joe Hart got more than he bargained for!Credit: YOUTUBE/CELTIC FC

      Jota was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a popular man and agreed to a fan’s cheeky request, while Aaron Mooy and Joe Hart were left speechless as they dealt with some rather bizarre messages head-on.

      Fan favorite Kyogo also had to turn down a marriage proposal when the club’s YouTube channel featured “Celtic Love Tweets.”

      The Portuguese wing Jota was inundated with tweets, which were read by the Hoops stars in a similar way to the famous “Mean Tweets” segment of Jimmy Kimmel Live in the US.

      The 23-year-old also didn’t hesitate when he accepted a fan’s offer of a night out.

      It said, “Jack, you want a night of dancing up and down?”

      Looking up, Jota responded with a smile, a little dance in his chair, and said, “Yeah, I’d like to have some little moves and stuff, yeah.”

      Jota made light of the grand scheme of things, including a fan’s request to take his fiancée out to dinner.

      Joe Hart was not so lucky and the former England goalkeeper was, on a rare occasion, left speechless!

      He read a tweet that read simply: “Postie postie, do your thing, bring me buff Joe Hart.”

      Trying to take in what he had just read, Hart replied amusingly, laughing, “I don’t even know what to say about it. I usually have a lot to say about everything.”

      “I can’t see it happening, but you never know!”

      It was not the only strange message sent to the 35-year-old former Manchester City goalkeeper.

      You might remember her appearances in TV commercials for a leading shampoo brand, and a fan certainly seems to have a vivid recollection of that!

      Hart read: “Joe Hart when I apply Head and Shoulders to my barnet in the shower I close my eyes and think it’s you and start diving into the bathroom throwing bars of soap around the posts Joe I love you with all my heart “. Deer.”

      He replied, “Sounds like a great start to the day, mate. I could start doing it myself.”

      After Carl Starfelt sheepishly agreed to let a fan style his hair, Kyogo turned down a beloved fan’s marriage proposal.

      Then some more weirdness when a Hoops fan specially altered a famous Valentine’s anthem for his favorite player, Aaron Mooy.

      The Australian was presented with the following rhyme.

      “The Celts are green,

      “The roses are Red,

      “Please let me kiss Mooy’s beautiful bald head.”

      A bit taken aback, Mooy chuckled awkwardly before mustering a short reply.

      He said, “Thanks mate, I appreciate it.”

      A fan had a rhyme for MooyCredit: YOUTUBE/CELTIC FC
      Callum McGregor reacts to ‘creepy’ but ‘lovely’ tweetCredit: YOUTUBE/CELTIC FC

      Matt O’Riley also received a message from a fellow Matt O’Riley who declared his love for the ace of Hoops.

      The midfielder replied: “I love you too, Matt O’Riley.”

      Meanwhile, Captain Callum McGregor was also left speechless by a hilarious Tweet about a fan’s mom.

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      It read: “My mom absolutely loves Captain Callum McGregor. He has his book, mugs and a scarf with him that he sleeps in next to him every night.”

      The captain said, “Erm, that’s lovely. Also a bit creepy. But that’s good, I’ll take it.”

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