Cooper: Not getting stronger early on is costing us

Manager cooper brand he highlighted Yeovil Town’s failure to strengthen their forward line on the transfer market, having conceded the same with the loss of striker Alex Fisher to injury.

The leader, who is the club’s joint top scorer with five goals, suffered a suspected broken ankle in a seemingly harmless clash with goalkeeper Collin Andeng-Ndi in a 2-0 home defeat to Southend United at Huish Park on Saturday.

that leaves alone Malachi Lintonwho also has five goals to his credit this season, and a loan man from Doncaster Rovers Inmate Griffithswho was not in the squad, as the only recognized strikers in the squad.

Asked about Fisher’s injury by BBC Somerset’s sheridan robinsCooper said:They tell me it’s a break, but until it’s confirmed I’m not going to speculate. He’s on gas and air and it’s more about Fish again than anything else.

Then he added: “You look at all the other clubs down (at the bottom of the National League), they’ve all gotten stronger in that area and we haven’t.

Cooper has not hidden his disgust at the involvement of the future owners of the club SU Gloves who have been public when talking about how they are getting involved in bringing players. recent arrivals Callum Harriotthat he had a thigh injury, Zanda Siziba and Griffiths were not involved in the team against Southend.

When asked directly if he was unhappy with the off-field interference in recruiting, Cooper said: “We’ve talked about that before, we have to be better in every aspect, recruiting-wise, whatever it is, we have to be better. That was clearly demonstrated today.

The coach explained his decision to put defender maximum hunting head on after Fisher’s departure on a stretcher, saying: “I didn’t think we were going to score by playing and opening them up, I thought it would just come from a takedown in the box, try to create a bit of pressure in the box.

If you were looking for something to lift your spirits, you won’t find it in this post-match interview, but the manager said he wouldn’t question his players’ wish.

He said: “The fight is the only thing I can’t question (about the players) and it’s something I can’t question. If you see the effort, the distance and the sprints they’ve put in, we can’t question their fight. Can we question its quality? Possibly.

The next game takes Yeovil on the long drive to Gateshead on Tuesday night. The Tyneside club booked their place in the FA Trophy final with a penalty shootout victory over Barnet today and have now won their last three matches.

When asked about that, Cooper added: “You came to Wembley today so you’ll be excited and looking forward to playing for us knowing we’re exhausted, but don’t feel sorry for yourselves, roll up your sleeves and keep going.

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