Emmerdale Spoilers (April 10-14)

emmerdale spoilers follow.

coming in emmerdaleRhona is faced with a life-changing decision about whether to allow Gus and his wife Lucy to use her frozen embryos.

Elsewhere, Chas and Paddy share a passionate reunion and Amelia suffers from a health problem.

Here are the 10 great moments to watch out for.

1. Gus crashes Rhona’s birthday party

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Rhona is still conflicted about whether to agree to Gus’s request to use one of his frozen embryos. The vet joins her family for a birthday lunch at The Woolpack, but everyone is horrified when Gus shows up and introduces his wife Lucy.

A puzzled Rhona isn’t sure what to tell them, but Mary takes charge, sternly telling Gus and Lucy that they won’t use Rhona’s embryo to achieve their dream of becoming parents.

The couple leaves the bar completely devastated, but as Rhona reels from her mother’s outburst, Marlon insists that he will support her in whatever decision she makes.

2. Rhona makes a decision

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After the drama at her birthday dinner, Rhona decides to go for a walk to clear her head. In town, she sees Gus comforting a distraught Lucy.

Witnessing the couple’s suffering, Rhona changes her mind and tells them that she is willing to donate their frozen embryos.

Rhona returns home and breaks the news to her family, revealing that she has already given Gus and Lucy the okay. Though clearly stunned, Marlon cautiously supports his wife’s decision, but Mary is far from happy.

3. Rhona has doubts

Rhona Goskirk, Emmerdale


Having had a night to sleep, Marlon worries that Rhona hasn’t considered the seriousness of what they’ve agreed to. She points out that it might be hard for her to stay away if the treatment is successful and one of her embryos becomes another woman’s baby.

Marlon’s words resonate with Rhona, and knowing that he might be right, she begins to think more deeply about her decision.

Later, Rhona, overwhelmed, breaks down in tears. Is she about to go back on her word and devastate Gus and Lucy?

4. Chas and Paddy kiss

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Realizing the impact his absence has caused, Paddy offers to spend some quality time with Chas and Eve. In a sweet moment, Paddy reads a story to his little girl, while Chas listens, clearly delighted that his family is back together.

Hoping for a romantic reunion with his ex, Chas melts into Paddy’s arms as he offers her a comforting hug.

Caught up in the moment, they end up sharing a kiss, but are interrupted when Eve calls downstairs.

5. Mandy’s romantic dreams are dashed

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Chas is over the moon after his kiss with Paddy and wastes no time in telling Charity the details. The cousins ​​head to the ballroom for Charity’s wedding date and open the champagne to toast her and Mack’s impending wedding.

With the drink flowing, Mandy is devastated when Charity lets Chas and Paddy escape. Also hoping to rekindle the flame with Mr. Kirk, Mandy struggles to hide her jealousy from him.

Meanwhile, Paddy is furious when he hears Bear confront Chas about the other night. He steps in and defends Chas from her, leaving her hoping that he still loves her.

6. Charity has a bad hair day

charity dingle, emmerdale


In the living room, a hurt and confused Mandy is doing her best not to tell Charity how she feels. However, her emotions soon get the better of her and she runs off to buy a coffee.

Along the way, Mandy runs into Paddy, who admits he doesn’t know whether to give Chas another chance. Masking his own feelings, she Mandy urges him to follow his heart and do whatever makes him happy.

They are so busy talking that Mandy loses track of time and suddenly realizes that she forgot to check Charity’s hair. She runs back to the salon to find that the bride-to-be’s barnet now resembles a curly blonde poodle.

Later, a mortified Charity is forced to reveal her hair mess to the locals in Woolie.

7. Chas asks Paddy to come home

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Wanting to know where he stands, Chas tries to broach the kiss with Paddy. But his search for answers only increases the pressure he feels to decide his future.

Chas then boldly risks his heart, begging Paddy to forgive him and asking him to come home for good. What will he decide to do?

8. Vinny supports Mandy

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As Paddy tries to decide whether to give Chas another chance, a devastated Mandy is forced to give up her hopes of winning his heart.

Vinny tries to lift his mother’s spirits by suggesting that she should try dating. However, Mandy is still too obsessed with Paddy and she tells Vinny that he is the only man she needs.

9. Amelia finds a lump

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Victoria is concerned when Amelia admits that she is terrified who would take care of Esther if something bad happened to her. She tries to calm the young mother’s fears, but Amelia doesn’t want to talk and she runs off.

The reason for Amelia’s distress becomes apparent when she visits the doctor’s office and tells Manpreet that she has discovered a lump in her breast. As a precaution, Manpreet refers her to the breast clinic for further investigation.

Later on the playground, Amelia gets a call from the clinic and agrees to have a checkup the next day.

Noah sees Amelia crying, but walks away rather than figure out what’s bothering her.

10. Leyla regrets sleeping with Caleb

leyla cavanagh, caleb, emmerdale


Leyla is worried that she made a mistake jumping into bed with Caleb and questions what his agenda is.

Caleb is quick to ease their concerns, assuring Leyla that he wants them to spend more time together.

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