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      Jack in hilarious Celtic ‘night out’ arrangement as Hoops stars face strange questions from Valentine’s Day fans

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Celtic star Jota agreed to go dancing on a ‘little night on the town’ along with Joe Hart, who was asked to ‘go in the buff’ as the Hoops stars were bombarded with a series of hilarious tweets for the Valentine’s Day.

      With Ange Postecoglou’s side losing just once domestically all season, leading the Scottish Premiership title race by nine points and being in an extremely strong position to complete a famous treble, it is no surprise that fans of the Celtic love their players very much at this moment in time.

      With the Hoops’ social media team aiming to increase camaraderie between players and the fanbase, stars like Jota, Hart, Aaron Mooy, Matt O’Riley and Reo Hatate received hilarious tweets from fans, and Celtic he told his loyal fans to submit suggestions via the hashtag ‘#CelticLoveTweets’. And while Jota received an invitation to a dance in the Glasgow city center, Hart received some strange questions.

      Jota’s requests were relatively normal, with one fan saying, “For Jota, my fiancee Holly wants to have dinner with you, so if you’re interested I’ll foot the bill, or you can just say hi and it’s her Valentine.” better and mine cheaper.” The Portugal star reacted kindly, saying: “That’s lovely of Craig! Health”.

      Another request was sent to the silky end, with another fan asking, “Jack, want to go out on the town dancing one night?” And after showing off her dancing talent through her goal celebrations this season, the former Benfica star didn’t want to stop there, replying: “Yeah, definitely, I’d like to have some little moves and stuff… “.

      However, Hart’s questions were a bit stranger. Referring to his famous appearance in advertisements for the ‘Head and Shoulders’ shampoo shop, one fan spoke about how he uses the product, saying: “Joe Hart, when I apply ‘Head and Shoulders’ to my barnet in the shower, I close I roll my eyes and think it’s you and start diving into the bathroom throwing bars of soap around the posts. Joem, I love you with all my Hart.”

      The Englishman was stunned, but agreed that it might have to become part of his routine, replying: “Shaun, what a feeling mate. First of all, put on the Head and Shoulders, no dandruff, which is always a good start.” For the day”. . Who doesn’t like to dive throwing soap down the pole? Sounds like you’re starting the day off right, buddy. I may have to start doing it myself.”

      Hart’s bizarre requests didn’t end there. A fan asked his mail carrier to do magic on him and bring Joe Hart to him in the mail, apparently without any clothes on. He’d say, “Postie postie, do your thing, bring me Joe Hart in buckskin.” The Englishman was puzzled. “I don’t even know what to say about it. I can’t see it happening, but you never know.”


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