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Labor has a 40 percentage point lead over the Conservatives in London, according to the latest YouGov poll, the party’s largest lead since the pollster began tracking voter intention in the capital in 2010.

According to the YouGov poll, released this morning, 58% of those polled in London said they would vote Labor if there were a general election tomorrow, up three percentage points from the poll earlier this year.

Just 18% of the 1,051 adults polled in London said they would vote Conservative, down five points from the previous poll. 9% said they would support the Liberal Democrats, while 7% reported they would back the Green Party and 6% said they would go for Reform UK.

Labor holds 47 of the capital’s 73 constituencies, excluding Jeremy Corbyn and Neil Coyle who, although elected as Labor MPs, currently sit as independents. A total of 21 seats are represented by Conservative MPs, while the remaining two constituencies are held by Liberal Democrats.

The party made some important gains in the capital in local elections last year, taking Westminster council for the first time since its creation in 1964. Labor also won Wandsworth council for the first time since 1978 and took Barnet council. after 20 years of Tory rule.

But the party also suffered some losses in London, with the Conservatives taking full control of Harrow council for the first time since 2006. Labor lost control of Tower Hamlets council to the Aspire Party, set up by newly re-elected mayor Lutfur Rahman. , and Croydon Council, which now has no overall control.

YouGov’s latest nationwide poll of voting intentions, published at the end of March, found that 46% of respondents said they would vote Labour, down three points from a poll earlier that month, while 26% reported they would back the Conservatives, up three points. points from the previous survey.

According to the poll, Keir Starmer leads Rishi Sunak by four percentage points in terms of who voters think would make the better prime minister, with 30% choosing the Labor leader, down one point from a previous poll, and 26% for the Prime Minister, up to a point.

Addressing a day’s absence from potential Labor parliamentary candidates at the end of March, Starmer acknowledged that Labor has put itself in a “great position”.

But the Labor leader added: “Complacency will kill us. If we believe the job is done, we will lose the election, they will not be MPs, we will not have a Labor government and the millions who need a Labor government will be disappointed because we have been complacent. That will be unforgivable.”

At a briefing on the upcoming local elections, pollster and fellow Conservative Lord Hayward said the Conservatives appear to be moving from a “dreadful” position to a “difficult” one, noting the potential for Rishi Sunak’s favorability ratings to improve. party polls.

In an article for Labor List Last month, polling expert and former BBC political research editor David Cowling said Labor’s poll lead was “very impressive” but added: “Uncorking the champagne may be a bit premature.”

“My own judgment is that Labor has not yet struck a deal with the electorate they need to scale the mountain that the 2019 election created,” Cowling concluded.

Labor has consistently led the national YouGov polls since early December 2021. In a poll conducted on October 21, 2022, the party led by 37 percentage points: 56% of respondents said they would support Labour. if elections were held the next day. compared to just 19% who said the same about the Tories.

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