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Today is the launch of the local Labor Party elections. The launch will take place in Swindon and will feature the participation of Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer, who will urge the activists in attendance to “show people the difference Labor can make”. Swindon council is currently controlled by the Conservatives (as are the city’s two parliamentary seats), but with seats in all wards (Swindon operates a thirds system) up for grabs in May and a strong performance in the latest series elections, Labor imagine their chances. to make a difference in Swindon and take control of the council.

A range of councils will be contested across England on May 4, from Liverpool city council, where despite concerns about possible loss of ground, Labor is highly unlikely to lose control, to fringe like Bolton, where the Conservatives hold the council with a lead of just four seats, and Plymouth, where the bond between the Conservatives and Labor collapsed in December after a double defeat in the Tory by-election. Labor hopes to build on the gains they made then and take control of the council, something even the city’s Conservative MPs have called for amid the chaos that followed the December results. A strong performance in the locals last year – in London, Labor took Westminster, Wandsworth and Barnet councils – was a boost to Starmer’s leadership last May, and with Sunak demonstrating a much steadier hand than his two predecessors. , Labor would no doubt be eager. to put some winnings on the board along with the good voting from him. Starmer focused on local empowerment with his New Year message of ‘taking back control’ and putting power in the hands of local bodies and the results showing that Labor is trusted across the country will provide useful evidence and motivation for her or his promise.

The Labor leader will announce today that Labour, if in government, would freeze council taxes this year to tackle the cost of living crisis. Starmer is expected to say: “A Labor government would freeze their council tax this year, that’s our choice. A tax cut for many, not just the top 1%. So take this message to every door in your community: Work is the lowest tax party for workers. That is the difference we can make. That is the election in May. A better Britain”.

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