Luke Williams gives Wealdstone verdict as explanation for double injury concern

With 100 points and 103 goals this season, Notts County boss Luke Williams continues to strive for absolute perfection as he weighs in on Friday’s 3-0 win over Wealdstone at Meadow Lane.

The Magpies continued to play their part in this remarkable National League campaign, matching Wrexham step-by-step throughout and capitalizing when opportunity arose – Milli Alli played the starring role as Halifax Town ripped from the script ahead of the biggest game of the season. fifth division. have ever witnessed.

While the score suggests a comfortable win and performance, Williams was on hand to criticize his team’s first-half performance, calling it poor despite Sam Austin’s sublime finish after eight minutes that put his team within one goal. on the break.

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In a period of sustained pressure through the middle of the first half, Stuart Maynard’s side created several chances to try to level the game, providing Notts with some nervous moments on defense as they searched for a way to get back into the game to try and continue their run. push for the play-offs.

One thing that became incredibly noticeable over the first 45 minutes was the amount of time Williams’ team was forced to play long, completely dispersing from their usual possession-based style of play.

The Notts boss was on hand to detail the reasoning behind the tactic, saying: “To be honest, we were up against a team that played to an incredibly high line.

“When the goalkeeper comes out to advance with the ball, there is no space to play football and they were very brave to do so, so we tried to take advantage of the spaces behind them.

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