Matilda Young Musical Reporter Krysiah Travis, Friern Barnet School

Where to start, however? There were many aspects of the show that contributed to the wonderful performance. From the moment you laid eyes on the stage before the play, you could see the intricate letter designs that covered the sides of the stage. At first, it seemed like different letters and different fonts were being displayed in random areas, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that the words were written horizontally and vertically (although my memory was a bit hazy, I think I remembered seeing words like ” run”). ” and “fight”). Overall, it looked aesthetically pleasing to the eye and really helped accentuate the design and choreography of the performance.

Speaking of choreography, the energy in each dance routine was amazing. From the beginning of the play, you are immediately drawn into the spectacle of the little children’s hands crawling under the table (which sounds very peculiar, doesn’t it?) before they jump off the table and start singing and dance enthusiastically. Even though the first scene of the show was engaging, my favorite dance routine in the show (which is just one of many. There were just too many routines that got me excited) was the “Alphabet Song.” In this routine, the main attraction was a large gate, with irregular and square-shaped holes, which the dancers used not only to climb, but also to insert wooden blocks with the letters of the alphabet in them. This went extremely well with the song being sung and it was interesting to see letters being put on the door that correlated to the lyrics.

To tie it down, the actors were nothing short of fantastic. My favorite actress was our star Matilda (played by Heidi Williams) and she performed amazingly. It was lovely to see so much energy displayed by her throughout the performance, and it was amazing to see someone so young give it their all; I know she was definitely tired after the play! She also made me laugh during certain scenes. For example, there was a scene where she mentioned all the “advanced” books she had been reading at her age, and one of the books she had mentioned was Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment! (She was glad my knowledge of literature came in handy at the time, as I didn’t expect her to mention that at all!)

In short, the show was amazing; there was never a dull moment, and I guarantee there are plenty of words of praise and positive reviews that still need to be mentioned. Congratulations to everyone who was part of the play and thank you for this unforgettable experience!


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