‘My brain damaged baby died after doctors told us to take her home and give her Calpol’

A brain-damaged 10-week-old baby died in her father’s arms after doctors sent the family home with Calpol and painkillers.

Little Noa Goodman tragically died two days after receiving medical advice at Barnet General Hospital in London.

After the newborn started turning blue and having trouble breathing, she was rushed to A&E.

After spending five weeks in various hospitals, including in intensive care wards, the boy was diagnosed with brain damage before being allowed to go home.

A month later, the little girl came down with a fever, and during a checkup, doctors told mother Lois Goodman to give her baby Calpol and take her home, but Noa died just two days later.

He passed away at 10 weeks after being in various hospitals for half of his life.(Pennsylvania real life)
Since Noa’s death, Lois has had another rainbow baby.(Pennsylvania real life)

Lois, 42, who lives in Edgware, London, with her husband Daniel, 44, and their three other children, Ayton, two, Bella, eight, and Lior, 11, said they were told the painkillers would solve the problem.

The mother said she screamed when she saw her daughter cradled in her husband’s arms and remembers her eldest son, Lior, who was four at the time, trying to reassure her by saying, “Mom, I’m Superman, I can save her.”


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