North London mum horrified as ‘runaway dog’ attacks traumatized pet in popular park

A north London mother was left horrified after a “runaway dog” attacked her traumatized pet in a popular park. In a local Facebook group, her mother spoke of her ‘unpleasant’ and ‘worrying’ experience at Parkland Walk in Crouch End around 3pm on Monday (March 20), where her dog Marilyn got into a fight with another dog.

After embarking on the popular path, the woman said that a tall, dark-haired man with glasses was walking with his dog, which he said was a “dog with the appearance of a boxer.” She realized that her dog was loose and, after seeing the couple approaching, she veered off one of the tracks to avoid contact.

She explained that her dog, an 11-year-old Staffy Cross, doesn’t get along with other dogs and always carries her. The woman then claimed that the man appeared to call out to his dog to stray down the same path she had taken, which she said she “found strange”, before calling out to the man asking him to put his dog on a leash. so they could. approve.

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File image: The dogs were left fighting while the woman had no choice but to try to separate them.

“He called the dog, but the dog continued to approach me and my dog,” he wrote online. “I blocked my dog ​​thinking he would leave but instead his dog went for my dog ​​and my dog ​​retaliated! So now I’m separating the two dogs while he just stood there doing nothing “.

The woman claimed how she had managed to grab the man’s dog’s large collar to prevent him from biting her own dog. The man “finally” reached out and got his dog to stop the attack, she said, but not before his dog sustained some injuries and the woman herself was bitten.

“No apologies, no questions, just trying to wriggle out,” he wrote. “If you’re reading this, you’re very lucky you’re not up to your eyeballs in vet bills tonight or without a dog because your dog bit me while I was interrupting this fight! Do you want to count your blessings that my five The Boy of two years, not even his father was present”.


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