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William C. Elk

“During a month when the state recognizes poultry producers, Iredell finds himself at the head of the class. In 1997, Iredell was the leading poultry county in the state. Growers and collectors here generated $50 million.” (4/10)

Iredell-Statesville Schools. “All 30 schools are now connected and online for the Internet. Much of this was accomplished through NetDay cabling with volunteer labor and donated cable, a combination that resulted in a savings of $900,000 for the school system.” (4/11)

Obit Melvin Eugene Mills, 69. “He was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War, having served in the US Navy. Mr. Mills was a member of Broad Street United Methodist Church, Mooresville, and Tom Swann VFW Post 1072.” (4/12)

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“First Presbyterian Church has received a new concert grand piano from Myron and Jack King. The First Presbyterian Church will have a dedicatory concert on April 19, by Dr. Eunice Wonderly Stackhouse, assistant professor of music at Montreat College.” (4/13)

Tax day tomorrow. “’All mail delivered to the South Oakland Avenue or West Broad Street post offices before midnight Wednesday will receive an April 15 postmark,” said Randy Stewart, customer service supervisor. (4/14)

Obituary James Garfield Grant, 84. “Mr. Grant attended Iredell County Schools and was a retired machinist for Pleuger Pump Manufacturing. He was a lifelong member of the Baptist church. He was a World War II veteran.” (4/15)

Viking outfielder Chad Hunter surprised. “After totaling just three hits on the season, Hunter launched a drive over the left field fence for his first home run. It was the deciding run as the Vikings edged out Statesville 3-2 in the second round of the Record & Landmark/West Iredell Easter Baseball Classic in West Iredell.” (4/16)

Distribution and use of local federal revenues. “Iredell County is the largest benefactor with an allocation of $187,819. The county’s share now stands at $844,546. Commissioners have already earmarked $235,000 for the purchase of property near the Hall of Justice in Statesville.” (4/10)

New requirement for city subdivision developers. “These requirements refer to the paving of streets, provision of public services, water and sewerage. The developer will be solely responsible for providing them, where in the past, half the burden fell on the city.” (4/11)

Iredell County Democratic Women Dinner Meeting. “John C. Miller, Iredell County Party Chairman, called for Democratic unity in the wake of widespread defeat at the polls in the 1972 election. He said Democrats must forget old habits of fighting each other and give your support as a body behind a candidate in every political race. (4/12)

Down In Iredell inspects roadside litter. “Yesterday we did a count of the number of cans and bottles between downtown Statesville and the community of Loray. We counted 87 soda cans, 23 soda bottles, and 32 beer cans on the five-mile trip.” (4/13)

SIHS 9 North Rowan 1. “Andy Pierce scattered four hits in pitching the win. Pierce struck out five batters and walked none in the distance. Dennis Caldwell made three for four and Jimmy Waugh three for five pacing South Iredell at the plate. (4/14)

Lt. Col. David B. Hatcher of Mt. Airy, recently released 7 year old POW, Grand Marshal of the Dogwood Festival parade. “Hatcher led the parade through downtown, with an estimated crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 along the route. The crowd was 6-8 people along most of the route.” (4/16)

statesville Daily Record,

“The Statesville High School Greyhounds overcame a five-run lead held by Children’s Home to win a ten-inning thriller, 9-7. It was Gene Smith’s home run that broke a 7-7 tie. Johnny Gray also scored on Bill McLain’s single to give the hosts a two-run margin.” (4/10)

“Police Chief Frank Hartness announced that 11 one-hour parking meters have been installed on South Center Street. The parking meters are on the west side of the street and extend from the bus station south to a point beyond the newly built commercial building there. (4/12)

City school board. “Two school projects authorized in 1928 and never realized—a gymnasium for the white high school and the completion of the Black Morningside High School—seemed much closer. The board authorized the Superintendent. Lambeth to secure plans for a secondary school gymnasium and an addition to Morningside which would provide space for the auditorium and gymnasium and relieve classroom facilities. (4/13)

“Some of the crowd attending the 9 o’clock show at the Playhouse fled the building when dust ejected from the cooling system was mistaken for smoke. Debris that had accumulated during the repair work now taking place was thrown out when an employee cut off the refrigeration system. (4/14)

“Dick Derby, who works at Fox Insurance Agency, was wearing a derby today. He was fighting for that bold look, he said.” (4/15)

Production employees at the JC Penney warehouse reject the CIO’s efforts to organize 149-54. “The election result had been closely watched here, as it was seen as something of a ‘test case’ for union strength. The Statesville workers were relatively unorganized.” (4/16)

“Cool Spring High School has the honor and distinction of being the first school in the county to have a ‘movie.’ It seems to me a very big improvement in several ways, both in entertainment and in education. The images will be shown every Thursday night. (4/12)

“Miss Flora McDougald left on Tuesday to spend a few days in Asheville. Ms. McDougald arrived here a few days ago from Ancón, Panama, where she has been working as a nurse in a government hospital and she will be on leave for two months. (4/12)

“Mr. John Baird Bryan, of Miami, Fla., grandson of William Jennings Bryan, spent Monday in town as a guest of Mr. Barnet Adams.” (4/12)

Troutman Rt. 1. “Mr. CV Collins has bought a new car.” (4/12)

“Two additional feeder roads will soon be built in local yards,” agent BA Cowan said today. One will be built to the south along the Charlotte highway with space for 80 cars; the other will have space for 62 cars and will be parallel to the east siding of the station”. (4/16)

The War Mothers meet. “Mrs. HP Grier reported that several sets of stereoptics had been sent to Oteen and contributions had been received for ice cream for the soldiers.” (An Army hospital was located in Oteen.) (4/16)

Mooresville. “There has been some talk about two ladies for school board members, but the current members, whose term expires, will probably be re-elected.” (4/12)

shiloh. “Farm work is progressing. Mr. Boll Weevil is reported to be emerging from old cotton bolls and preparing for the season’s work.” (4/16)

One hundred and twenty-five years ago:

“The Blues were in their gun shop on Saturday polishing up gear in anticipation of a call to arms. The company now numbers about 60. Captain Flanigan believes that every member of the company, with the possible exception of half a dozen, would answer the call. It has been said that if the Guard is called, only those who want to go will be taken, the others excuse themselves, but the military here have no information on this. (4/12)

Editorial. “The President’s message, sent to Congress yesterday, entrusts the Spanish-American imbroglio to Congress for its settlement. The president recommends the intervention for the solution of the Cuban problems, but does not recommend the recognition of the independence of Cuba. It is questionable whether Spain’s latest action, the granting of an armistice in Cuba and the promise to give Cubans a more liberal government, will lead to a peaceful solution.” (4/12)

“The war news varied a bit this week. The promise to do something on Monday went the way of all the other promises on Monday. (4/12)

“Mr. Sam Fowler, of this county, who was in Lincoln County yesterday, says that it snowed there for several hours, and that the roofs of the houses were covered to a depth of half an inch. In addition to the snow, Mr. Fowler said it was very cold. The cold snap did little damage to the wheat. Corn planting has begun in earnest.” (4/15)

“Gentlemen. Kimball & Tharpe have a new delivery wagon.” (4/15)

White’s Mill area. “The last cold period with its frost and ice killed all the early fruit. There may be a few peaches left in some locations, but they are likely to be stunted.” (4/15)

Moose taught history at Mitchell Community College.


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