Southend United fans weigh in on Torquay win

At 4:50 pm today on the English Rivera, I and my fellow shrimpers from all over had no worries. We don’t think about RM or bridge loans or March 1st. We celebrate a winning goal, a winning goal in injury time. It felt good, very good.


Wow, this team has real grit, determination, and desire! What a special group we have. Miley is undoubtedly the signing of the season in the VNL. I love this club and I hope that things will be resolved imminently for the players, the staff and the supporters.


Limbs, laughs, long haul.. I LOVE IT.


Somehow they found a way. Miley’s goal was FEATURED. Fans live for days like these.


Well deserved! He played really good soccer and the best player on the pitch won, so it was a great day overall! I can say that I will be very happy to see Torquay relegated.


That felt special. The connection between the team and the club’s fans at this moment is simply indescribable. And the fact that they haven’t been paid their salaries yet makes it all the more unbelievable. Maher & co are doing an amazing job and may it continue for a long time!


This squad just keeps on giving. Incredible result again, especially after it looked like we had wasted two points. Even playing when you don’t get paid is awesome, but fighting until the end and winning again is a different class! Now, the big court date on Wednesday.


The first half I thought we dominated, the second half we couldn’t find the safety target and let them come back gradually. However, Cav’s goal was sensational and the celebrations show the unity of this team.


Dig Miley.

That’s all there is to say.


It’s hard to find words that adequately describe the difference between the team and the club in general. I used to say that I support the club and that the team is representative, but now it’s the opposite: this team is amazing!


If the results go this week, he could be looking for fourth place on Saturday night. Words can’t say what these guys are doing, God knows how good they’ll be when they get paid! Miley proves once again that she is the best midfielder in this league. she brings the Barnet!

@YeattsMatthew Not so much a view, more of an apology to my family and neighbors for waking them up at almost 3am local time here when we got the winner. Magnificent, all of them and the coaching staff. Heroes.


Match tickets £38. Hotel £211. Gas £75. Food £100. Watching Cav Miley run up the middle of the pitch and plant a 91st minute winner into the back of the net is priceless. I love this team, I love this club.



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