Post-pandemic, for better or worse, many of us became aficionados of at-home hair dye. Hairdressers around the world watched in horror as creative color lovers from one country to another trashed their bleaching jobs.

However, there are some true DIY hair color experts left in the post-lockdown world, and this article is for you. But, if it’s 2am on a Saturday night wherever you are, we recommend you click.

For those who have spent countless hours thinking about changing up their barnet, you may have already stumbled upon the red hair trend. According to Clearpay, there has been a 34 percent increase in sales of fox-hued hair dye and 71 percent of copper hair dye year-over-year, with stars like Jenna Ortega, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner trying out the bolder style, reddish-brown. Similarly, some of our favorite artists, including singer Beabadoobie and actress Sophie Turner, have nailed their hottest, fiery red shades.

Moms of the ’90s remember the red hair trend well, and its resurgence has only further proved the theory of the circular trend (with the exception of perms: the smell isn’t worth it).

If you’re not sure about synthetic dyes, henna can be a good alternative option. Its nutrient-dense properties make it ideal for those looking for plant-based hair colors, and Clearpay also saw a 170 percent increase in sales. Try henna at your own risk, as it has the ability to cover carpets and sheets with just one application. Please use it with caution and do some research to find the best tutorials made by real experts.

From your classic box dye to color refreshers and henna options, keep scrolling to find the best red hair dyes on the market.

The best red hair dye at a glance:

  • Best for brown locks: L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Dye Natural Rich Auburn – £6.99, lookfantastic
  • Best for a trendy cooper ‘do: Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Dye 7.40 Intense Copper – £5.80, Amazon
  • Best for Dianne Buswell’s Signature Red: L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel Mix Red Hair Dye – £14.86, Amazon
  • Best for Burgundy Reality: Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense Permanent Hair Dye Burgundy – £4, Amazon
  • Best for a super hydrating color refresher: Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss Glace Cherry – £10.65, Superdrug
  • Best for bleached hair: Bleach London I Saw Red – £6.50, lookfantastic
  • Best for the brightest, boldest semi-permanent red: Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula, Vampire Red – £11.31, Amazon
  • Best Nasty-Free, High-Quality Henna: Henna Hair and Beard Color / Dye – Chemical Free Hair Color – The Henna Guys – £29.94, Amazon
  • Best for Unique Color Varieties: Khadi Pure Henna Plant Hair Color – £18.37, Amazon

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème Natural Rich Auburn Permanent Hair Color

The real

Better for: real chestnut locks

This fantastic permanent cream hair dye has been he box dye for a legion of fans since its inception with a seemingly endless number of five-star reviews.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence is a bestseller for a reason. It’s enriched with proto-keratin to help your hair look shinier and stronger, although we highly recommend continuing with regular deep conditioning masks if you’re going for a permanent at-home color job.

Garnier Olia 7.40 Permanent Intense Copper Hair Dye


Better for: a fashionable cooper’do

This nourishing hair color is made with a 60% oil formula for maximum shine and damage-free color. With no silicones or ammonia in the mix, you can be sure this permanent dye won’t cause any nasty permanent damage to your precious locks. Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but the packaging now uses 43 percent less plastic compared to previous kits, which is a huge win for environmentalists.

If fire truck red isn’t for you, this copper-toned dream will be. The deep auburn is suitable for all hair types, and even works well on the darkest brown hair, although for true vibrancy most kits suggest bleaching it first.

L’Oréal Professionnel Majirel Mix Red Hair Dye

The real

Better for: Dianne Buswell’s signature red

This little tube-shaped paint may not look like much, but it’s actually a professional-quality dye used by hairdressers across the country. It’s also the same tint as Dianne Buswell’s Strictly come dance fame revealed that she uses to touch up her fiery red roots.

Majirel Mix promises intense, rich, permanent hair color with a wide palette of shades and shades, so your beautifully shiny, freshly colored hair catches the light in interesting ways. The formula is also enriched with Incell and Ionene G, which help strengthen and reinforce the hair fiber.

Schwarzkopf Oleo Intense Permanent Dye Burgundy


Better for: burgundy reality

Another oil-infused, ammonia-free dream, this time for a color somewhere between bright red and that ever-so-fashionable copper. Unlike other brands, Schwarzkopf promises intense shades on all hair types and colors, with darker medium brown hair simply appearing a bit darker and more saturated after use. In particular, we love the fact that this formula is fortified with argan oil for that extra shiny goodness.

Glaze Super Color Conditioning Gloss Glace Cherry


Better for: a refreshing color moisturizer

For a total makeover of your tired and dull post-copper hairstyle, this wonderful conditioning product from Glaze has you covered. The semi-permanent dye is ultra-hydrating and provides a mirror shine without any discomfort. That means they won’t mix or go bad.

The wonder of this product is that it can be used to make red hair look like a maraschino cherry, or to bring out those hints of red within chocolate brown hair. The brand says this dye lasts up to 10 washes, but with such an easy application process and reasonable price, we’re okay with having to re-purchase a little more often.

bleach london saw red

bleach london

Better for: discolored hair

Bleach London first burst onto the Tumblr-era hair scene in 2010 and became hugely popular in an instant. If you’re based in London, you may also remember their (appropriately) semi-permanent pop-up at Topshop’s former flagship store on Oxford Street. Ah, those were the days.

This semi-permanent dye is a cult favorite, though the warning “it fades in three to 30 washes” is pretty vague. Naturally, if your hair is already bleached or dyed red, you can expect this fiery, deep cherry red to last longer. On the other hand, if you have darker hair, you might be closer to the three-day end of the color spectrum.

Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Cream Formula, Vampire Red

manic panic

Better for: the brightest and boldest semi-permanent red

Manic Panic has been in the high drama hair color game since 1977, when founders Tish and Snooky decided to take their New York-based Punk Boutique to the next level and start their own beauty brand. The vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free formula is packed with pigments, despite being semi-permanent, and formulated with nourishing ingredients for a silky-smooth finish.

If you’re in the market to go bold or go home, Manic Panic is the dye for you. Jake Gyllenhaal recently told W Magazine that he probably wouldn’t have gotten into acting if Manic Panic hadn’t “gone to his head” when he was growing up. Take from it what you want.

Henna Color/Dye for Hair and Beard – Chemical Free Hair Color – The Henna Guys

the henna boys

Better for: nasty free, high quality henna

This all-natural, raw, vegan, and gluten-free hair dye is the answer for those who are desperate to change their hair color, but suffer allergic reactions when exposed to classic box dyes. Formulated with plant-based ingredients including henna, indigo, amla, and fake daisy, The Henna Guys triple-sifts its powder to ensure the most even, saturated paste.

Although expensive, this kit comes with a basic application kit, a shower cap, gloves, and additional detailed instructions. This orange-red combo is perfectly on trend and results in a fiery copper hue.

Khadi Pure Henna Plant Hair Color


Better for: unique color varieties

Another natural permanent alternative to box dye, this henna is formulated without synthetic ingredients like surfactants, silicates, parabens, and silicones. It is a perfect option for those who want to cover gray hair, or those who are simply in the mood for a complete makeover.

Khadi is unique in its offering of a wide range of henna colours, rather than the more common reds, blacks and browns. Choose between the flame red color shown or the fiery golden copper variety.


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