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      Wrexham 3-1 Wealdstone: Red Dragons pass tough test

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Wrexham would shake off the FA Cup blues and get the job done against an impressive Wealdstone side.

      Via Wrexham AFC

      Wrexham would shake off the FA Cup blues and get the job done against an impressive Wealdstone side.

      With full focus back in the league, it was imperative for Wrexham to claim all three points in their pursuit of table top Notts County.

      Once again, thoughts would turn to Phil Parkinson’s decided bottom line for the matter. Tom O’Connor returning to the central trio would leave Max Cleworth out of the game… at least for the first half.

      For 40 minutes, it was undoubtedly an even game, as both sides battled for that extra midfield advantage. Wealdstone looked remarkably comfortable and calm from the test at the Racecourse Ground.

      However, Wrexham have a habit of finding ways to score in close games, meaning they got the better of the Stones just before half time.

      Elliot Lee’s reverse cross from the left wing found Paul Mullin’s header directly in front of goal, leaving Sam Howes with no chance to avoid the header, despite his best efforts.

      After Coventry City’s win, Lee talked about aiming for the far post should the ball find its way into the net, which he did that day. We saw the other side of that coin against Wealdstone, as the cross found Mullin on his way.

      Consolidating the lead by scoring more goals would be the main objective of the second half. However, Tarryn Allarakhia had other plans.

      The number seven would make a well timed run from inside his own half to reach the Wrexham finish just after half time. With the redshirts falling back in bewilderment at the non-existent offside flag, Allarakhia decided to move the ball around Mark Howard in the net and push the ball past Luke Young on the line.

      A cheap goal for Wrexham to concede and two games in a row just after the break.

      Jacob Mendy was between two substitutions at half time and looks like a real danger for opposing teams, especially since he returned from injury. Moving smartly into the box rather than hugging the left wing, Mendy found himself at the end of a clearance attempt, where he struck the ball into the back of the net from twenty yards.

      A similar goal to the one he scored at Dorking Wanderers and the perfect, instant response from the Red Dragons.

      This season’s ability to respond to conceded goals is a true testament to the team’s mentality.

      For the remainder of the game, Wealdstone puffed and failed to puff. Even before Max Kretzschmar’s baffling sending off for trespassing before the referee allowed him to re-enter, Wrexham were managing the game efficiently.

      Sam Dalby has been a feature on the bench of late, whether or not Wrexham needs a late goal.

      After lobbing a delightful header past the running James Jones, Dalby continued his run into the Wealdstone box, where he was able to lift the ball towards goal following Howes’s save from Jones.

      Thus, Wrexham’s place at the top of the table would be secured for a full two hours, due to the Magpies’ win against Chesterfield at the subsequent kick-off.

      Parkinson’s men take on third-placed Woking FC at the Racecourse Ground tomorrow, while County take on fourth-placed Barnet FC. An incredibly important night on the National League schedule…


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