£200m skyscraper building will be so tall Birmingham Airport will have to adjust flight routes

A £200m skyscraper that will be over 500ft tall has been opened in Birmingham city center by council leader Ian Ward, who has admitted he couldn’t afford to live there.

The building with the One Eastside address is so tall that Birmingham Airport has to adjust its flight paths accordingly. The build-to-let development with ‘667 high quality homes’ will be on the corner of James Watt Queensway and Jennens Road, close to Birmingham Metropolitan College.

Other nearby neighbors include the Masshouse apartments and the Allegro wing of the new Exchange Square development on Moor Street Queensway.

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At 155 meters, the building will end up taller than the BT Tower, but when completed in 2026, it will only be half the 102-story 1931 Empire State Building in New York and less than a third of the 163-story planned built. opened in 2010 at the 828-meter-tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The foundations are already in place, with 20-meter-deep piles described as “a feat in itself.” A tower crane was also installed with its cab set to rise from its current height of 75 meters to 170 meters as the concrete core begins to reach for the sky.

Anthony McCourt, CEO of Court Collaboration, Cllr Ian Ward, City Council Leader and PIC Capital’s Hayley Rees MD at the groundbreaking launch of the £200m, 51-storey skyscraper, One Eastside (Image: Darren Quinton/BirminghamLive)

The developers said they expected the tower to last between 75 and 100 years. Building it would engage “hundreds of students through face-to-face courses and experience to support future talent in the city and the next generation of professionals.”

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