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      Asda buyers threaten to boycott ‘ridiculous’ price of Heinz ketchup

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Shoppers at the supermarket have threatened to boycott Heinz products after spotting the price of a small bottle at Asda. A woman expressed her surprise on Facebook after initially believing the price tag was a mistake.

      Liz Ferla posted a photograph on a popular deal-swapping group, showing large 910g bottles of Heinz ketchup on sale at her local Asda for £3.50, discounted to £4. Alongside them, 460g bottles, nearly half the size, were priced at £3.40.

      The post drew more than 1,000 comments, many of them from outraged shoppers who had also noticed rising prices at their local supermarkets. The original post reads: “Went shopping at Asda today, prices skyrocketed!

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      “The huge bottle of Heinz Ketchup has gone up to £3.50. But the small bottle has gone up to £3.40! Surely a mistake!”

      “I don’t use it, but I liked to save the small bottle for when the grandchildren visited, but I’m afraid they’ll have to do without it in the future! I know the big bottles are cheaper, but they usually end up in the trash, I don’t visit it that often.”

      Heinz Ketchup

      Hundreds of fellow shoppers shared their disbelief in the comments section, with some threatening to boycott Heinz products altogether. One person said: “I’ve noticed all the Heinz products have shot up, it’s getting out of hand.”


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