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      BBC Doctors airs announcement about missing episodes after being cancelled

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      The BBC has published an update on the Missing Doctors episodes, after removing 11 in the wake of the Turkey earthquake tragedy. Doctors was taken off the air last week and fans noted that a number of episodes had been canceled as a result of the worldwide news.

      Doctors has been replaced by Animal Park Heroes, but it will return on February 20. That date will see the episode initially scheduled for February 8.

      On February 21, the episode of February 9 will air, and so on. The February 13, 14, and 15 episodes will air on February 22, 23, and 24.

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      In response to the cancellation, Katie raged on Facebook: “I CANNOT believe the whole week has been cancelled!! What’s going on, all the other soaps and shows. It’s beyond a joke. I may stop watching it “. Wendy raged: “Perhaps the BBC have pulled the plug on the show because of all the complaints about the characters and some of the episodes seeming a bit over the top.”

      Sally said, “So when she comes back, having missed countless episodes, I guess then there won’t be any reference to the bomb? Well, that’ll be realistic, won’t it? No.” Pat said, “I’m upset that this week’s episodes have been scrapped. What is the reason and when will these episodes be shown?”

      Edwina replied, “It’s a matter of respect for those who are suffering in Turkey. Just be thankful that you can watch something from the comfort of your own home.” But Diane asked: “Does the BBC understand fact from fiction? Am I to understand by tracing other comments that it was the topic that aired recently that caused the episodes to be cancelled? Since when did the BBC start censoring what can we and can’t we see?


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