BBC The Gold – How gold stolen from Brink’s-Mat fueled London’s property boom in the 1980s

The latest installment of crime drama The Gold airs on BBC One this weekend. The fifth episode of the six-part series will air at 9 p.m. on Sunday (March 12).

Based on the actual Brink’s-Mat robbery of November 1983, The Gold depicts the events surrounding the heist, in which £26 million in cash, diamonds and gold bars were stolen from a Heathrow warehouse, and the massive investigation Police who followed the robbery.

Dubbed “the crime of the century” at the time, the Brink’s-Mat heist, one of the biggest in British history, has continued to receive media attention, even nearly 40 years after it occurred. But what happened to the proceeds from the robbery that inspired the BBC series?

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What happened to the gold stolen from Brink’s-Mat?

The Brink’s-Mat robbery of November 1983 saw a gang of six robbers escape with £26 million in cash, gold bullion and diamonds. The thieves expected to steal around £1 million in cash, only to discover that the actual contents of the Brink’s-Mat vault were much more valuable than anticipated.

This posed a puzzle to the thieves: what to do with the gold they had stolen. Partners in crime, including Kenneth Noye, played by Jack Lowden on BBC’s The Gold, were called in to help dispose of the bullion.

Noye is said to have melted down the gold, mixing it with copper coins to disguise the source. This gold was then sold to jewellers, and the money raised from the sale was deposited in banks in Bristol; one of these banks tipped off the police.


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