Birmingham fire attack victim Mohammed Rayaz was ‘looking forward to spending retirement with his grandchildren’ | UK News

Mohammed Abbkr, 28, has been charged with attempted murder over the attack on Mohammed Rayaz in Birmingham. Abbkr faces the same charge for a similar fire attack on another pensioner, Hashi Odowa, in west London.

Sunday March 26, 2023 20:31, UK

The family of a grandfather who was set on fire while walking home from a mosque said they are in “unimaginable pain” as they have been robbed of the opportunity to enjoy their retirement “spending time with their grandchildren”.

Mohammed Rayaz, 70, was attacked on Shenstone Road in Edgbaston, Birmingham, on Monday night.

He was doused with an unknown substance and set on fire as he was returning from the Dudley Road Mosque.

A statement from Rayaz’s son, on behalf of the family, said he was retired and wanted to spend his life “praying and spending time with his grandchildren.”

The attacker “took that away from her and caused her unimaginable pain.”

A friend of Mr. Rayaz previously said that he had undergone a life change, “horrible injuries“.

His son said the family “is in shock and trying to understand why someone would do this.”

A family friend gives an update on the man who set fire

Suspect charged with two attempted murders

A man has been charged with attempted murder for the attack on Mr Rayaz.

Mohammed Abbkr, 28, appeared in court on Thursday and was taken into custody until a further hearing at Birmingham Crown Court on April 20.

He has also been charged with the attempted murder of another pensioner, Hashi Odowa, in a similar arson attack in Ealing, west London, last month.

The 82-year-old man was doused with liquid and set on fire after leaving an Islamic Center on Singapore Road.

He was taken to the hospital with severe burns to his face and arms.

Rayaz’s son said his “thoughts are also with the victim and family of the Ealing attack.”

“I hope no one has to go through what our family is going through as it has torn our family apart,” she added.


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