Digbeth Street marred by ‘fights, peeing, garden sex and messy parking’

‘Violence at your doorsteps, nightmare parking, yard sex and loud, fast cars’; just some of the claims from fed up Digbeth residents who say they are ‘disrupted until 3am every weekend’. And locals say they often can’t park on their own street, or get trapped by visitors ‘leaving their cars everywhere’.

When nearby clubs close their doors, they claim trouble is brewing. Visitors to the residential area will urinate in front of the homes of young families, while others will dump their used condoms and tissues in the gardens for disgruntled homeowners to discover the next morning, according to locals.

“If you walk through here on Friday or Saturday, it’s going to be absolute chaos,” warned one owner when asked about the problems. Takeaway boxes litter the streets and ravines, also said to be used by revelers looking to continue the party after leaving neighboring venues.

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Lawn chairs were found set up in the alley, littered with rubbish and complete with a huge crate of empty beer cans when BirminghamLive visited. Residents here spoke of a series of problems that recur on their street ‘every Friday and Saturday’.

“They’re just taking advantage,” said a mother of four, moving her two-year-old son out of earshot. “They come to urinate or park everywhere.

“They urinate in front of their property, in front of the garage. They play music or yell really loud. They laugh and fight with each other.”


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