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      Disabled visitor left in tears after Dudley Council forgot to turn on lights

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 27, 2023

      Disabled visitors to Dudley Council House were left in the dark after the council forgot to turn on the light. The town hall house recently underwent a renovation that included improved access for disabled visitors.

      Council meeting attendees can now use a handicap accessible elevator to enter council chambers. But, Cllr Elaine Taylor says she was left in tears after using the elevator and emerging into pitch darkness.

      Councilor Taylor, who has to use walking sticks, said: “I have raised this at least four times in emails and at council house. Why are disabled people not welcome in council buildings?

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      “Why are we being forced to make decisions about whether it’s safe for us to keep going to meetings so we can represent the people who elected us? I was completely in tears after trying to attend my last meeting, it was like something from the Krypton Factor .

      “At one point the makeshift ramp moved and I became unsteady and almost fell into the dark and I don’t know how long it would have been before they found me. It’s kind of a nightmare.”

      In total, Dudley Council will spend more than £4 million renovating council house. The improvements were expected to provide new opportunities for disabled visitors to attend council meetings.


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