Google has been inundated with criticism from employees over a “dump fire” response to ChatGPT. Employees have reportedly criticized the search engine giant. CEO for the company’s response to ChatGPT, which is growing in popularity.

YoInternally, employees are criticizing CEO Sundar Pichai for what they call a “rushed and botched” announcement of Google’s new chatbot. Google’s internal employee forum “Memegen” is reportedly inundated with complaints from staff members.

“Dear Sundar, Bard’s launch and layoffs were rushed, botched and shortsighted. Get back into a long-term perspective,” wrote one. “Sundar and the leadership deserve a Perf NI. They are being comically myopic and not Google in their quest for a “sharper focus,” added a second.

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The internal forum, which is usually a positive space filled with fun and games, took a “serious tone” this week, with employees feeling “dissatisfied and embarrassed,” according to reports. “Next week, we will recruit all Googlers to help shape Bard and contribute through a special company-wide dogfood,” Pichai wrote in the email to employees seen by CNBC. “Dogfood” is a term used within companies to refer to a practice that includes using the product itself before launching it.

“We look forward to receiving all of your feedback, in the spirit of an internal hackathon; more details will be forthcoming soon,” he wrote. Microsoft is reportedly planning to release a version of its own search engine, Bing, which will use ChatGPT to answer users’ search queries.

“It’s early days, we need to ship and iterate, and we have a lot of exciting and hard work ahead of us to incorporate these technologies into our products and continue to bring the best of Google Al to improve people’s lives,” Pichai wrote in his note to employees. Monday. “We have approached this effort with an intensity and focus that reminds me of the early Googles, so thank you to everyone who has contributed.”


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