Hunt for Birmingham ‘untouchable’ knife gang intensified after 15 robberies in one area of ​​the city

A knife-wielding gang believed to be responsible for up to 15 robberies in an area of ​​Birmingham is being hunted by police who have stepped up action in the area. BirminghamLive reported on a teenage boy who was mugged at Bleak Hill Park in the Stockland Green area of ​​Erdington on Friday March 3, with his mother describing how an ‘untouchable’ gang was terrorizing the area.

The mother, who asked to remain anonymous, explained how a machete-wielding thug approached her son in Streetly Road Park around 5pm after he had gone to KFC in Erdington town center with his friends. The thief demanded that he wipe his iPhone 13 back to factory settings so his location could not be traced, and then fled the scene.

The shocked mother detailed how the robbery had been one of several in the area, with her son also having his phone stolen on New Year’s Day in Witton Lakes, with the “same” knife involved. She said: “I think they are literally pulling the hair out of the police and everybody else. They appear to be untouchable according to the police. I think they are local. They know the area very well and they also know that there are cameras in the park.”

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And West Midlands Police have confirmed that there have been 15 robberies in that same Stockland Green neighborhood since the start of 2023, but say they are doing everything they can to catch them. Most have been in or near Witton Lakes, one near Brookvale Park and the other mentioned by the mother at Bleak Hill Park, about a five-minute walk from Witton Lakes Park.

These were at Perry Common Road, Witton Lakes, Blackrock Road, Lakes Road, Hamm Walk and Park Road. Police said that in 10 of those robberies the teenagers were attacked for their mobile phones. But officers have made a concerted effort to catch those responsible, increasing patrols in the area, both uniformed and plain, looking for weapons and involving local volunteers.

Police have also gone to schools to warn students of the dangers, the council has trimmed down plants that could be hiding places and more security cameras have been used. They issued a warning to lone walkers using Witton Lakes in early February. But the gang or gangs are still at large.


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