ITV cancels Gordon Ramsay’s show and he ‘accepts’ the channel’s decision

ITV removed a great Gordon Ramsay show after it failed in the ratings. ITV have moved to can a show starring Ramsay after he failed to impress viewers, it has surfaced tonight.

Next Level Chef has been fired after just one season. A source said: “Gordon is highly competitive and has devastated that the series has not had a second run. These kinds of shows always take a while to get going and for viewers to tune in, so he thinks he wasn’t given the right opportunity.”

“But accept that TV is a brutal world and sometimes the shows just don’t work.” An ITV spokesperson said: “There are no current plans for a second series, but viewers can watch the first series on ITVX.”

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Ramsay headlined the new series in January, in which 12 aspiring chefs take on a cooking competition like no other, because it all takes place in an epic 50-foot-tall three-story kitchen. At the time, ITV said: “For the first time, amazing home cooks will compete against professional chefs and social media chefs. Each week, everyone will have just seconds to grab the ingredients to cook and then just minutes to create an exceptional dish, before of an exciting finish so that even the mentors tasted their dish.

“The outrageous three-story kitchen ranges from high-end kitchen to basic basement kitchen, meaning chefs must prove they can work magic even under the worst of circumstances.” On the show, Ramsay is joined by Paul Ainsworth and Nyesha Arrington as the three mentor a team of talented chefs.

The winner won a year’s mentorship and a £100k prize. Next Level Chef was commissioned for ITV by head of entertainment commissioning Katie Rawcliffe and commissioning editors Lily Wilson and Paula Thomas Gallie.


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