This is the moment King Charles came face to face with protesters holding signs reading “Not My King.” Charles was greeted with huge banners expressing anti-monarchy sentiment when he visited Milton Keynes this afternoon.

Charles ignored the protesters and shook hands with supporters in Buckinghamshire on February 16. The King was holding engagements in Milton Keynes in the early afternoon to celebrate their new status as a city, including a reception for members of the local community and organizations at Christ the Cornerstone Church.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer shared clips of the moment on Twitter, writing: “The King is greeted by a crowd of Republican supporters and protesters in Milton Keynes.” It comes as the Republic lobby group earlier said it had been planning a controversial campaign of protests against the monarchy to coincide with the coronation.

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He previously tweeted: “We’re off to Milton Keynes today, to ask the King a few questions.” In January, a 21-year-old man admitted to throwing an egg at Charles during a walk in Luton because he thought the monarch’s visit to a “poor area” was in “bad taste”.

Harry May pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London on Friday to a public order offense related to the December 6 incident. And in September, two demonstrators who expressed republican sentiments were arrested in the acts of proclamation of the ascension to the throne of King Carlos III.

Symon Hill, 45, said: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone arrested for such rickety reasons, let alone experienced it myself. I did not interrupt the ceremony in any significant way; I just yelled something that some people close to me would have heard, and then they went ahead with the ceremony and they (the police) arrested me. I find it really alarming that you can be arrested for expressing an opinion in public. I feel pretty shocked.” After he wrote about the incident on Twitter, the Republic, which is campaigning to replace the monarchy with an elected head of state, wrote: “That’s outrageous.”


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