Mum ‘depressed’ after shoppers ‘eyeballed’ her at Asda

A mother responded after claiming shoppers stared at her while she was at Asda. Nicola Paterson went to the store dressed in a crop top and leggings, but afterward she was left feeling “a little bit down.”

Nicola slammed “critical weirdos” after visiting her in a £16 worth matching top and trousers, saying she was “not the skinniest person”. The clothes were from Shein.

Nicola says she won’t let others dictate what she wears, after noticing people started staring at her because her belly was showing, she said. Nicola, 35, posted on TikTok about her experience, reports StokeonTrentLive.

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“I was getting looks around Asda because my belly was out and I’m not the skinniest person in the world,” the mother-of-one said. “But it’s one of those things, I bet someone probably looked at me and thought ‘who does he think he is, wearing that?’ or ‘it’s very cold, his belly is swollen’ and all that.

“And while there was a little bit of me that thought people thought that, at the same time I was like, fuck you.” The mother-of-one said that she was proud of her body because she had produced a “beautiful boy”.

Nicola, who said she felt a bit down since the shopping experience, said: “My body has produced a child, an absolutely beautiful child. If I want to show off whatever I have, I will.” So yeah, I’ve been to Asda like this and I don’t care.


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