Reason why Sutton Coldfield hospital was evacuated after people inside felt sick

A Sutton Coldfield hospital was evacuated today after several people inside felt ill. Staff and patients at Sutton Cottage Hospital were told to leave the building around 2 p.m.

Paramedics checked three people at the scene who reported feeling nauseated. They were later discharged.

The West Midlands Fire Service initially responded to reports of a chemical spill near the building. This was understood to have caused the people inside to feel sick.

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As firefighters worked to establish exactly what had happened, police closed off nearby Birmingham Road, where the hospital is located. The road was reopened about 30 minutes later.

After the emergency services left the scene, the Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, which manages Sutton Cottage, revealed the cause of the evacuation.

Emergency services at Sutton Cottage Hospital today (March 14) (Image: Birmingham Live)

The trust said the incident was only “minor” and that someone attending a clinic had complained of feeling unwell after fumes from outside drainage entered the hospital.


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