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      Review of the damage caused by gambling addiction to Wolverhampton families

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      A report on the damage done to individuals and families in Wolverhampton through gambling addiction will be presented to council heads this week. In October 2019, Public Health England, as it was previously known, produced its Gambling-Related Harm (GRH) Evidence Review report, which identified that 24.5 million people in England gambled – 54 per cent. of the adult population, or 40 percent excluding the National Lottery. .

      The report identified that the National Lottery is the most common type of game in all age groups, except among the very young, where scratch cards are more common. In a report to the council’s residents, housing and communities scrutiny panel, health improvement officer Ryan Hollings said: “The review estimated that 0.5 per cent of the adult population have a problem with the game, 3.8 percent are playing at risk. levels and 7 percent are negatively affected by someone else’s game.

      “Subsequently, a Midlands HRM Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) was published in June 2021 to understand the scale of the problem in the Midlands. The report reflected on the insights outlined in the evidence review, as well as incorporating a regional focus.

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      “The council recognized GRH as a public health issue after having conducted the RNA. As part of the council’s financial wellness strategy, it recognized factors such as the economic downturn, the cost of living crisis and the impact of Covid-19, coupled with historically high levels of deprivation, it must drive a renewed focus on debt, poverty and the promotion of financial well-being in Wolverhampton.

      “Where people are identified as living with gambling damage, specific services can offer recovery treatment and support in Wolverhampton. One of these is Aquarius Gambling Support, which provides structured treatment to clients,” he added.

      “Between 2019 and 2022, a total of 70 people accessed treatment, with 74 percent of those identifying as men. This service is directly linked to the drug and alcohol treatment and recovery service, Recovery Near You, with Aquarius as one of the key suppliers. .


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