Single mum ‘loses meals all the time’ so her children can eat while families lose £4.5k vouchers

A mother said she was skipping meals “all the time” to feed her children after families lost a combined £4,500 due to a clerical error. Priory Witham Academy failed to pay 45 families with children of nursery age £100 home support vouchers for Christmas as promised due to an “administrative oversight”.

Parents, including Leah Bailey, will now only receive the cash in March. And the single mother, who is from Lincoln, said she had a hard time feeding herself and her two children.

The vouchers, which are part of the government’s scheme working with schools and other third parties, aim to help people deal with “global inflationary challenges and the significantly increased cost of living”.

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“I was waiting for that money to come in so I could buy them more things for Christmas,” Miss Bailey, 39, who receives payments from Universal Credit, told LincolnshireLive. “With the economy right now, it’s hard for a single mother to get food for her children and herself.

“Keeping that voucher has made my life very difficult. I miss meals all the time.

“It’s between my children who don’t eat and me who doesn’t eat.” The government website states that authorities should particularly target people with disabilities, as they “may be facing acute challenges due to the disproportionate impact (of) rising costs.”


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