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This HBO estate castle is an hour from Birmingham

The fourth and final season of HBO Succession is on, following the trials and tribulations of the Roy family. Of course, fans of the show will know that this is no ordinary family. Instead, they are the owners of a global media and entertainment conglomerate, all competing and fighting internally for control of the company. Featuring characters like Brian Cox, jeremy strong, kieran culkinSarah Snook and matthew macfadyenthe series is already considered a cult classic by many.

While most of the series is set in America, particularly New York, it also has a strong British connection. The head of the family, Logan Roy, is Scottish and in Succession‘s season two we even visited the tay bridge in Dundee. But it is in the first season when we first visit these British Isles. The last two episodes cover Tom and Shiv’s wedding, both filmed on location in eastnor castle in it malvern hills near Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Located just an hour’s drive from Birmingham, the team behind the wedding venue have spoken about the experience of filming. Writing in a blog post, Eastnor Castle called it “One of our most memorable filming projects.”

A cast and crew of 350 arrived at the Eastnor Estate during the legendary storm that hit England at the time, the beast from the east. However, battling plummeting temperatures, heavy blizzards, and drifting snow, filming somehow managed to stay on schedule. Creating two of the most harrowing and fast-paced television episodes ever presented on the screen: ‘Prenupital’ and ‘Nobody’s Never Missing.’

Of course, Eastnor Castle is more than used to some drama at a wedding! While not used as a filming location, the estate often acts as wedding venue. Surrounded by a beautiful deer park, an arboretum and a lake, it is a stunning venue for all events. Also, enjoy the unique adventure. Land Rover Experience, driving through the area’s varied terrain. Visitors to the 19th century castle can stay in the converted holiday homes or camp in the Eastnor Deer Park Campground.

“Eastnor is a magical and wonderful place to film, it has it all. One of the few intact, privately owned castles that is a rare majestic Gothic Revival dream…” Sue Quinn said at the end of filming Succession, SuccessionSupervising location manager. “The castle itself is a star too, it’s set in the Malvern Valley with the beautiful scenery around it, but the interiors are a dream with rich colors blending with Pugin’s beautiful interiors.”


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