A warning has been issued for anyone playing Hogwarts Legacy. Players are cautioned to You may be at risk of troubling scams as scammers attempt to target unwitting fans of the wizarding world.

Scammers send players fraudulent links and risk having malware installed on their devices. Gaming experts urge fans to think about buying the game so they only buy from a reputable online retailer.

Marijus Briedis, Cyber ​​Security Expert at NordVPN, said: “Global demand for Hogwarts Legacy and recent changes in the video game industry have given hackers a clear path into the world of Harry Potter. Physical game sales for PC and consoles have declined rapidly and digital downloads now dominate the market.

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“Few games can match the hype surrounding Hogwarts Legacy, offering bad actors the perfect vehicle to tempt fans with fake download links promising an early or free version of the game. Once these links are clicked , they are likely to infect your device with some kind of malware that can be used to track you or steal personal data.

“To defend against these dark arts, make sure you only download games from official sites and use software like Threat Protection, which will remove harmful files or programs before they can do any harm.” If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, this single player RPG adventure opens up the world like no game has before.

Everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing – brewing potions, engaging in fierce duels, raising magical beasts and flying a broom – is possible. What makes Hogwarts Legacy stand above the rest is its sheer size. The map is huge, with not only the castle and the nearby town of Hogsmeade to explore, but also villages and towns far beyond. Head into the forest and fight huge spiders, the undead, or gangs of dark wizards.


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