Bolton girl who couldn’t eat for years celebrates her birthday with her favorite food

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A Farnworth girl, who has been unable to eat for years due to a throat condition, celebrates her birthday on Easter Sunday by eating her favorite food: chocolate.

Poppy Nesbitt, who turned eight today, was born with a Congenital Esophageal Structure (CES), which causes her feeding tube to narrow.

His condition prevented him from eating most foods and he had to stick to yoghurts, ice cream, finely grated cheese and ‘melted’ Pom-Bear chips.

Poppy underwent major surgery to widen her throat and still has regular doctor visits to monitor her progress.

But this year, “chocolate expert” Poppy is making up for lost time by eating more eggs than ever before.

The Bolton News: Poppy with her favorite chocolate

The Bolton News: Poppy with her favorite chocolate

Poppy with her favorite chocolate (Image: swns)

Easter Sunday is a “double celebration”: her birthday on April 9 and her newfound love of chocolate.

Proud mum Helen Nesbitt, 46, a telecommunications worker, said: “Before she had the big surgery, all she could eat was yoghurt, ice cream, melted chips and some finely grated cheese, but now she eats a lot. “.

“She has a great opinion about what she likes. She loves a roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings, pizza, pasta and most of all, she loves chocolate.

“However, it has to be from Cadbury. She doesn’t like cheap newfangled chocolate and she knows it right away.”

“Her favorite is the Cadbury fruit and nut, which is unusual for an eight-year-old.

“She knows chocolate so well when she sees the color purple that she goes crazy.

“She loves Easter because she knows her birthday is coming up and she also gets lots of chocolate and Easter eggs.

The Bolton News: Poppy and her mother Helen

The Bolton News: Poppy and her mother Helen

Poppy and her mom Helen (Image: swns)

“There was a time when you couldn’t eat more than a few crumbs from your birthday cake, but now you can have all the chocolate you want.

“After not being able to eat for so long, it took her a long time to get used to things, but now she lives a normal life and isn’t affected much.”

Poppy lives with her mum, dad Colin Nesbitt, 56, and her brother Harry, 10.

Her mother originally noticed that something wasn’t right with Poppy when she began trying to wean her off solid foods at eight months of age.

Poppy found it difficult to swallow, causing her to choke, gag, and vomit.

Poppy’s parents were diagnosed in October 2016 and in May 2017 they operated on their little girl.

This was followed by numerous visits to Alder Hey for tests and seven gastroscopy (OGD dilation) procedures to stretch his throat.

Poppy has had over seven surgeries to fix the problem and sometimes still has coughing fits that make her sick.

In 2019, her mother launched a fundraiser for Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, where Poppy received treatment, and Ronald McDonald House, a ‘lifeline’ charity that provided them with ‘home away from home’ accommodation.

The Bolton News: Poppy and her brother Harry

The Bolton News: Poppy and her brother Harry

Poppy and her brother Harry (Image: swns)

The fundraiser was “a great success”, with over £10,000 raised for the causes.

Helen said: “Poppy is doing very well. She still sees a consultant from time to time, but she is eating, growing and living a normal life.”

“Poppy had her first toast at half past two. She loves buttered toast. She loves pasta, pizza. It’s a treat she can eat.”

“It’s something you take for granted until you can’t.

“She’s too excited for her birthday to have lots of treats for herself instead of watching everyone else enjoy their cake.”

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