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      Council intervenes after Darwen bus to Bolton schools removed

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Blackburn with Darwen Council will review their arrangements for transporting pupils to schools in the Bolton district.

      The move follows the cancellation of a bus service for children traveling from Darwen, Turton, Hoddlesden and Chapeltown to and from Canon Slade School. County Head of Education Cllr Julie Gunn has announced a consultation on school bus services to Bolton schools.

      In its notice of decision, it says: “The council has a legal duty to provide free home-to-school transportation services to school-age children in the borough who meet the relevant criteria.

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      “There is a clear need to review the current school bus arrangements for pupils traveling from this borough to schools in Bolton. All educational authorities have a duty to provide free transportation from home to school to students in their area who meet the eligibility requirements established by law.

      “Authorities can also exercise their discretion and provide additional transportation services. Discretionary home-to-school transportation for students who chose to attend religious schools was withdrawn many years ago, although some students still retain the legal right to board-organized home-to-school transportation to religious schools.

      “Some religious schools in the borough have chosen to provide funding to allow school bus services to operate that many of their other students can access. The council currently offers four designated services that take students to Bolton schools.


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