Free football club memberships for underprivileged children, Yousaf commits

Speaking ahead of a visit to a football ground in Edinburgh, the Health Secretary said he would look to partner with Scotland’s football governing body, the SFA, to carry out the initiative, which he claims would tackle obesity, improve participation from the community and develop young talent. .

He also said he would speed up the launch of the so-called “Fan Bank,” a fund that would help local communities buy stakes in their sports clubs.

“One of our great assets in Scotland is our love of the beautiful game and as Scotland’s next First Minister I want to work with the SFA to harness the full power of football,” he said.

“I want to help develop our grassroots clubs where every community in Scotland has a football club that boys and girls can access for free, especially in deprived areas.

“Initially, I would like to see this launch targeted at children from low-income households who may find it difficult to pay the costs of soccer club memberships in the midst of this cost of living crisis.

“In my current role, I have already begun discussions with a view to establishing a strategic partnership with the SFA to see how we can work together to maximize the reach of soccer for the benefit of our communities.”

On the launch of the fan bank, which was pledged in the SNP’s 2021 manifesto, Mr Yousaf added: “As a huge football fan, I know that both on and off the pitch, clubs rooted in their communities can help to transform lives.

“The fans should have a real influence on the future of the clubs they love and support.

“So, as Prime Minister, I will accelerate the SNP’s bold Football Fan Bank that will give fans access to funds that will give them a real say in how their clubs are run, whether it’s buying a small stake in the club or maybe absolute ownership. .

“Fan Bank will help make a positive change to football which is often run for wealthy businessmen and instead put the real power in the hands of paying punters and the local community.”


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