Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon (Ramsay) to Play a Crime Boss in Historical Drama ‘Those About to Die’

game of Thrones gave some of the best actors in the industry. It was a show that lasted a decade and had many memorable characters. Some of those characters turned out to be the most iconic villains of all time. And among those villains perhaps the character of ramsay bolton will always be the most sadistic. He was a psychopath, a terrible human being who has done heartbreaking things to people, including his own family and his wife. Iwan Rheon, who played the character on the show, has landed another interesting role in an upcoming historical drama.

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What is ‘Those who are going to die’ about?

The upcoming NBCUniversal production is inspired by Daniel Mannix’s nonfiction book of the same name about the complex and corrupt world of ancient Roman spectacle-driven gladiatorial competition. The series is directed by Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) and the script is in charge of Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan).

ramsay bolton

Who is in the cast of ‘Those who are going to die’?

Rheon has been cast as the ambitious crime boss, Tenax. Two-time Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins stars as the Roman Emperor Vespasian, while Johannes Haukur Johannesson will play Viggo, an imposing Nordic gladiator and expert in fighting with a variety of weapons. Other cast members include Alicia Edogamhe, Tom Hughes, Sara Martins, Jojo Macari, Gabriella Pession, Dimitri Leonidas, and Moe Hashim.

When will ‘Those Who Will Die’ be released?

The series is currently in production and there is no official release date yet. It’s not likely to be released anytime soon in 2023, it could arrive as early as 2024.

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