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      Gemma Atkinson excited and says she “couldn’t believe it” for an unexpected surprise as she prepares for the arrival of a new baby

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 28, 2023

      Gemma Atkinson has recounted her astonishment after returning to Royal Bolton Hospital ahead of the birth of her second child. The pregnant Bury actress and broadcaster returned to hospital where she gave birth to her daughter Mia to her via emergency C-section.

      There was a special moment when her OB turned out to be the woman who safely delivered her little girl into the world in July 2019. Gemma was thrilled to have the chance to say thank you after Mia had a dramatic C-section delivery when the baby was born. the heart rate dropped with each contraction.

      The Hits Radio presenter and former Emmerdale and Hollyoaks star said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories: “So I came back to Bolton today. I had an appointment with my OB and when she walked into the room she was amazing.” . She was the same lady who gave birth to Mia.”

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      She added, “I literally couldn’t believe it. It was so weird. I felt like I had come full circle. With Mia he was everywhere. He took Mia out and handed her over to me.”

      Gemma was stunned to learn that the obstetrician was pregnant at the time, branding her “Wonder Woman”. She told her followers: “It was a lovely moment. I was so emotional because I finally got to say thank you.”

      gemma got excited(Image: Gemma Atkinson/Instagram)

      She added: “In the madness of the moment I couldn’t say thank you and I said ‘thank you so much’. Unbelievable.” Gemma admitted that she didn’t realize who she was right away, saying that “during an emergency section, the last thing you look at is people’s faces.”


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