Man says accusation of being observant in Amir Khan’s robbery ‘completely incorrect’

A man who is accused of acting as a bystander in the ambush and armed robbery of former world boxing champion Amir Khan told jurors that is “completely wrong.” The Olympic silver medalist from Bolton was the subject of a £70,000 diamond encrusted rose gold bespoke Franck Muller watch as he and his wife, Faryal Makhdoom, 31, left an east London restaurant on April 18 of last year.

Khan, 36, was ambushed at gunpoint by Dante Campbell, 20, and forced to hand over the watch that was heard by the Snaresbrook Crown Court during a trial. Campbell and Ahmed Bana, 25, who drove the robbers to and from the scene in a silver Mercedes coupe, admitted their role in the plot.

Two other men, Ismail Mohamed, 24, and Nurul Amin, 25, are on trial accused of acting as “observers”. They were in the restaurant with Hamza Kulane.

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The three are alleged to have dined at the restaurant in order to keep track of Khan’s movements and relay them by phone to Bana. During cross-examination on Wednesday, Mohamed said that he had simply been browsing social media.

Prosecutor Philip Evans KC earlier told jury that Mohamed had alerted others that Khan was at the restaurant with a “nice sequined watch on his wrist” via a phone call. Mohammed denied it.

Amir Khan was with his wife Faryal Makhdoom when the robbery took place.(Image: Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal)

At the time Mohamed says he didn’t even know who the former boxer was, the court heard. Mohamed, from Edmonton, and Amin, from Harringay, both in north London, deny conspiracy to rob.

Mohamed said: “I was not planning any robbery sir, you completely misunderstood. I didn’t tell anyone to use any armed robbery. I was not part of any armed robbery.”

Asked why a gunman later appeared on the scene, he told the court: “I don’t know why he came. Do not know him. I don’t know the reason why he came. I don’t have his number.”

Mohamed told the jury that he had not heard of Khan before he accompanied his friends to the restaurant to break their Ramadan fast. He previously told the court: “I didn’t know who Amir Khan was.

CCTV captured the robbery at gunpoint that took place outside the restaurant(Image: AP)

“He was taking photos with the fans. Hamza pointed at him and said, ‘That’s Amir Khan, the boxer.'”

Mohamed said that he later told Bana about the athlete’s presence during a phone call. “I said, ‘Guess who’s at the Sahara Grill restaurant with us? Amir Khan, the boxer.

“Ahmed said: ‘No way, what is he doing there?’ He said, ‘He’s probably breaking his fast.'”

Mohamed said that Bana arranged for him to come meet the group to buy cannabis. The robbery, which lasted only seconds, was captured on CCTV which was broadcast to the jury.

Khan said he looked down the barrel of the gun as the robber pointed it at his face and told him: “Take off your watch.” Evans told Mohamed that he had organized the robbery of the restaurant.

Mohamed denied it and replied: “How can I organize a robbery if I don’t know the robber?”

Campbell, from Hornsey, and Bana, from Tottenham, both from north London, have admitted conspiracy to commit robbery and possession of an imitation firearm.

The case was adjourned to Thursday at 11 a.m.

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