Montrusco Bolton Investments Dumps 1% Stake in Thomson Reuters: Analysis and Implications for Investors

The financial landscape is always in a state of flux, with the ebb and flow of investments dictating the future of businesses. The latest market adjustment has seen Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc. divest a portion of its stake in Thomson Reuters Co. by 1.0%, as reported in its 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Retaining ownership of an impressive 222,989 shares after selling a further 2,327 during the period, Thomson Reuters is still well within Montrusco Bolton’s strategic investment plan. Although there was considerable interest around this turn of events, the effect on controlling shareholders remained negligible.

Incorporated in New York but headquartered in Toronto, Thomson Reuters Corp provides essential news and information services to professional markets around the world through numerous business segments, including legal, corporate, tax and accounting professionals, Reuters news and overall impression. Given how vital access to reliable information is in all industries today, stakeholders no doubt took note of this move.

Stock analysts have proclaimed that shares of NYSE:TRI had trouble trading at just $130.74 during midday last Friday after experiencing a 52-week high of $133.04; however, those trading volumes were healthy at around 280,000 shares versus its average volume of around 437,000 shares.

The Quick Ratio (ratio showing a company’s ability to cover cash expenses), the Current Ratio (a measure of liquidity) are on par with industry standards at .57 of fourth quarter filings , in addition to a low but expected debt-to-equity ratio.

Overall, Thompson Reuters comes across as a solid product boasting excellent valuations despite recent trivial setbacks enabled by its stellar market capitalization valued at $61.70 billion coupled with a P/E ratio ($45.40 ) showing stability within reasonable limits compared to modern academic endpoints; that is, these groups of bargain assets have acceptable P/E ratios but a higher P/E/E ratio (price-earnings growth) that reveals insight into emerging organizations.
In summary, Montrusco Bolton’s minor adjustment to this asset allocation does not significantly alter cautious views towards Thomson Reuters for current investors; If anything, news of its recent investments fuels potential optimism for its corporate stocks as they remain liquid amid economic uncertainty, as analysts suggest throughout 2021.

Thomson Reuters: Positive institutional support and record earnings, but a cautious outlook prevails

Thomson Reuters, a leading provider of news and information for professional markets, has been in the crosshairs of several hedge funds and institutional investors of late. According to recent reports, Bank of Montreal Can increased its position in Thomson Reuters by 45%, while Vanguard Group Inc. increased its position by 2.8%. Similarly, Connor Clark & ​​Lunn Investment Management Ltd. increased its stake by 6.2%, while National Bank of Canada FI improved its position by 161.7%. Finally, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. increased its stake by a whopping 227.9%. Through these transactions, hedge funds now own 20.84% ​​of the company’s shares.

Despite these positive developments, several analysts have weighed in on the stock recently with mixed views on its future prospects. Notably, The Goldman Sachs Group gave the price target a big boost to $123 from $111 along with a “neutral” rating, while BMO Capital Markets raised its price target to $182 from $161 and gave it a rating of “superior performance”. However, TD Securities downgraded the company’s rating from “buy” to “hold.” Meanwhile, Canaccord Genuity Group reiterated a ‘buy’ rating and raised its price target to $124 from $118. The consensus appears to be sitting on a hopeful but uncertain hold for Thomson Reuters as shows it has an average “Hold” rating with an average price target of $139.09.

Thomson Reuters Corp.’s Legal Professionals segment provides investigative products and workflow services that serve law firms, government facilities, and more. In recent earnings calls made by the Thomson Reuters management team, the company announced an EPS (earnings per share) of $0.73 that beat analyst predictions of $0.64 per share for the fourth quarter of FY16-17. had an above-average revenue prediction of $1.76 billion. The company’s quarterly revenue posted a year-over-year increase of 3.2% (as reported). Despite continued success, the company’s management cautions its stakeholders to consider the unpredictable nature of the professional financial information market, where competitiveness and innovation require regular adaptation to new trends, thus maintaining a vigilant approach to all perspectives and strategies.

Thomson Reuters has been paying an impressive quarterly dividend of late and the last payment took place on March 16 of this year. The last quarter witnessed an increase in shareholder payment amounts compared to previous quarters. Thomson Reuters’ previous quarterly dividend was $0.32 while investors paid $0.49 per share this time after recording an ex-dividend date of Wednesday the 22nd in February.

In conclusion, Thomson Reuters appears to be thriving with a steady stream of institutional support coupled with record earnings growth along with shareholders benefiting via returns of up to 1.5%. However, some experts recommend that some caution should be exercised regarding this industry due to its ever-changing nature that can be ironically unpredictable at times.


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