Police shooting of hotel attacker with knife ‘necessary,’ prosecutors say

Scotland’s public prosecutor’s office is investigating the use of deadly force by police after Badreddin Abdalla Adam was shot dead during his attack at the Park Inn in Glasgow in June 2020.

Now, the Crown Office and the Prosecutor Fiscal Service (COPFS) have concluded that “there is no evidence of criminality on the part of any police officer involved in the incident.”

Park Inn hotel stabbings – Glasgow
Members of the emergency services at the scene of the attack (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Adam was one of hundreds of asylum seekers transferred to hotels in Glasgow at the start of the Covid-19 lockdown and three of those the Sudanese man stabbed to death were also asylum seekers.

He also stabbed police officer David Whyte, 42, and two hotel workers.

COPFS said he was shot after attempts to use less lethal weapons were unsuccessful.

The public prosecutor’s office is obliged to investigate deaths resulting from the use of force by the State or from the State’s failure to protect the right to life.

Kenny Donnelly, COPFS Deputy Crown Agent, said: “This was a terrible and tragic incident and our thoughts go out to everyone affected.

“Such an incident is unprecedented in the era of Police Scotland and it is only fitting that the Prosecutor Fiscal conduct a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances of this fatal shooting.

“The investigation that followed found that the police officers involved acted appropriately at all times and their actions were legitimate and proportionate.

“This was a fast-moving and complex situation involving significant risk due to the knife attacks that were taking place.

“The police officers acted quickly and decisively with the intention of protecting lives. All available evidence supports the conclusion that the use of deadly force was not more than absolutely necessary in the circumstances.

“The investigation into the broader circumstances is ongoing and the family will continue to be kept informed of any significant developments.”

The investigation, during which the Prosecutor Fiscal directed the Police Investigation and Review Commissioner, examined the police handling of the incident, the actions of the officers directly involved in the shooting, and the post-incident procedures.

COPFS has informed Adam’s family of the decision not to prosecute at this stage, but said it reserves the right to do so in the future “if circumstances change.”

The service said a further investigation is underway to determine the basis for a potential fatal crash investigation.


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