The most affordable houses for sale in Greater Manchester right now, with prices starting at £60k

Buying a property is particularly difficult for first-time buyers and low-income households in the current climate. With the cost-of-living crisis causing both mortgage rates and home prices to rise, it’s no wonder many people can’t jump on the property ladder.

The average house price in Greater Manchester as of March 2023 is now £257,437 according to Rightmove, but luckily there are some parts of the region where houses are much more affordable.

If you’re looking for a house that costs much less than the average house price, the best areas to look are the boroughs of Bolton, Rochdale, Oldham and Wigan, where houses are generally much cheaper to buy.

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Here we’ve listed the most affordable houses on the market in Greater Manchester right now, with prices starting from just £60,000. Most of these houses are fine houses that, with a little TLC, could be made into lovely homes.

Some of these properties are ready to go up for auction, so you’ll need to be quick if you want a chance at one.

Palm Street, Bolton



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