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      The strange link between Jesse from Breaking Bad and Troy from High School Musical is driving people crazy

      There is a very strange link between breaking bad Jesse Pinkman and Troy Bolton from High School Musical that has completely gone over many of our heads.

      And the idea of ​​the meth dealer walking the same school halls as the Wildcats basketball player and general heartthrob is driving people over the edge.

      Talk about a weird crossover.

      There’s a very strange bond between Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman and High School Musical’s Troy Bolton. Credit: Disney Channel

      Best known for his many talents, namely the conflicting passions of sports and music, the high schooler was also the adoring boyfriend of Gabriella Montez, played by Vanessa Hudgens.

      On the surface, the pair of actors couldn’t be further apart in terms of how different their characters were; however, it looks like the unlikely duo might be more connected than we ever thought before.

      The unlikely duo might be more connected than we ever thought before. Credit: AMC

      A Twitter user took to the platform to share the strange discovery he made about the two fictional characters online.

      She started: “high school musical 2 came out in 2007 and breaking bad It came out in 2008.”

      “They’re both set in Albuquerque, New Mexico,” the eagle-eyed fan continued, “which canonically means that Troy Bolton and Jesse Pinkman could have been in school together.”

      People couldn’t get over the parallel between the two completely different characters, leading many to theorize about what would have happened if the mismatched pair had attended the same school.

      One Twitter user commented: “Maybe high school musical It was a fever dream and everyone was high on meth.”

      “Canonically, Troy Bolton and Jesse Pinkman could have been in school together.” Credit: Twitter/@holy_schnitt

      “I’d check this out,” a second admitted, while a third wrote, “I’m going to need to check out this crossover.”

      Others even took the time to do the math and calculate how far apart in age groups Troy Bolton and Jesse Pinkman would have been if they had gone to school at the same time.

      “If the chronology of breaking bad took place with the same five-year time span (when) it aired, Jesse (would have) been 19 in 2008, which means he was a senior when Troy was a junior,” another user found out. Twitter.

      Some were totally blown away by the discovery, with one final fan of the theory writing: “This is the kind of next-level pop culture deep dive I’m here for.

      “Walt ever teach chemistry at East High? Did Jesse’s love of art and drugs keep him from competing against Troy on court? Did Jesse, Jane, Gabriella, and Troy ever go to the same party?”

      I guess we’ll never know…


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