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      £1.25 spray from Home Bargains that removes mold in just ’15 minutes’

      ByMonelo Gabriel

      Feb 14, 2023

      Shoppers rave about Home Bargains’ really inexpensive spray that kills mold in just 15 minutes.

      Keeping bathrooms clean this time of year can be a nightmare as humid conditions increase during winter. But a Mrs Hinch fan has shared the perfect solution.

      Posting on Cleaning Tips from Mrs. Hinch, she said the mold and mildew blaster cleaned her blinds very quickly. She said: “My vertical blinds were covered in mould. I used this mold and mildew spray from ome Gangas £1.25. I sprayed and left for 15 minutes and it was gone.”

      When someone asked her how it worked, she replied, “I sprayed and left it on. I used a sponge for the tougher parts, but honestly, it just sprayed off 95% of it.”

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      Dozens of people were quick to praise the article. One person said, “I’ve used this on my blinds, it doesn’t mark them, just spray it on and let it do it’s job.”

      Another said: “Got some mold in my shower in the grout. I was going to get the elbow grease version but was tempted with this one.”

      “This product is amazing…I was skeptical but was amazed…spray and wipe off,” another person wrote.

      Another follower said that the spray works great on all surfaces. She said, “I swear on bathroom/kitchen grout, tile, shower door, floor and anything else, it’s 1.99 B&M.”

      Bristol Live recently shared the best tips for removing mold from your homes:

      Top 10 Tips for Controlling Mold

      1. Open windows whenever you can, especially after bathing, showering, cooking, and drying clothes, to let excess moisture escape.
      2. Keep pan lids on when cooking to catch condensation
      3. Air dry clothes whenever possible
      4. Use of extractors in kitchens and bathrooms
      5. Use vents on your windows
      6. Adjust radiators to valve one to allow a little heat in unused rooms; cold rooms promote humidity
      7. Clean mold from tile grout with white vinegar or spray bleach to remove stains.
      8. Treat mold-prone areas with mold-resistant paint once you’ve removed them.
      9. Use your heater regularly to warm your home
      10. Keep spaces between furniture and walls.



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