Birmingham city couple rank first in youth duo

Birmingham city couple Magdalena Townsend and Alyssa Anderson won the junior duet gold medal with their vampire-themed routine.

after finishing 2North Dakota and 10he in figures in the morning averaging 64.6364, they scored 68.4000 on the routine to finish with a combined score of 133.0364 and leading by more than three points.

“We have been working a lot on time, height and adding more difficulty,” said Magdalena.

“Our goals for the rest of the season are to hopefully enter international competition and compete with this routine at the World Junior Championships in the summer.”

Katherine Boitsidis and Pia Lanham of Bristol City took the silver medal with a score of 64.3667, which combined with their figured score of 65.1182 gives a total score of 129.4848.

His routine score was divided into 19.0000 for execution, 25.8667 for artistic impression, and 19.5000 for difficulty.

In third place were Lena Ramanah-Beck and Sophie Flemming from Salford City with the second highest routine score of the day: 65.1000, with a score of 19.1000 for execution, 25.2000 for artistic impression and 20,000. 8000 on difficulty. They finished with a combined score of 127.5546 to take the bronze medal.

Rugby takes gold in Close 12 and Under Duet competitions

Rugby duo Lola Huett and Frankie Klym won the gold medal in the 12 and under duets competition with their fun and energetic routine set to Bruno Mars’ ‘Runaway Baby’, finishing just 1.2 points ahead of their London rivals.

They scored 58.5333 on their routine, combined with a figure average of 56.2521 for a total of 114.7854, moving up two spots from their 12-and-under duo finish in 2022, which Huett was also a part of.

“We didn’t expect to win today, it feels amazing,” they said, explaining that they had been doing many full swims of the routine in training to get to championship-winning level.

London duo Victoria Sharashkina and Christina Kapiris, with backup Elisa Kato, took second place with a final score of 113.5617, which breaks down to 54.9000 for their routine and 58.6617 figure average.

Joining Rugby and London on the podium for the first time at these championships were City of Preston Aquatics’ Agatha Weaver and Imogen Shellcross, scoring 51.7000 routine and 52.9877 figures to total 104.6877 and take the bronze medal.

Photos – Will Johnston Photography


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