Bristol nursery responds to ‘inadequate’ Ofsted report after ‘horrible experience’

A Bristol nursery school responded to Ofsted’s “inadequate” rating, saying staff felt intimidated during the inspection, describing it as “a horrible experience”. Staff and owners have also disputed some of the education watchdog’s findings.

The inspection of the Play Station Nursery in Filton took place in January when Ofsted’s findings changed the nursery from ‘good’ to ‘inadequate’. The report, released last week, criticized “staff’s lack of supervision and knowledge of safeguarding procedures that compromised the safety of children,” noting examples of broken or dangerous materials and wet covers.

The report also found that children were not being taught “effectively about limits and expectations,” describing the children’s behavior as “poor and they struggle to participate in activities.” He noted that children were seen throwing toys or dough at each other and staff did not intervene.

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It also found that managers “failed to communicate to the staff team what they want children to learn,” adding that staff did not have the skills or understanding to implement the curriculum successfully.

The report also indicated that staff do not teach children the knowledge and skills they need and do not help them develop a positive attitude toward learning. He said children were not motivated to “persevere with tasks and participate in learning” and that not all parents knew who their child’s key person was and how well they were doing.

nursery response

However, a spokesperson for the daycare responded to the report, saying they disagreed with the findings. The team behind the nursery on Conygre Road in Filton have also lodged two formal complaints against the watchdog. She said: “This was a horrible experience for our team, we have been in the childcare industry for over 20 years and at the site in question for over 10 years, we have had many experiences with Ofsted and none like this.”


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