Bristol shop owner says ‘we have no choice but to move on’

The owner of a vegan donut shop near Bristol Temple Meads says economic uncertainty, high inflation and sky-high rents mean her business currently “has no choice but to keep going.”

Kay Stanley sells a range of vegan donuts, bagels and locally roasted coffee at her bright and colorful cafe, Future Donuts, located under the arches on Oxford Street. In response to the closure of several local vegan restaurants last week, Kay, who co-founded the shop with Andrew Horne, took to Instagram to share some of the difficulties the business is facing and to point out that while some independent restaurants may appear to be thriving, the truth is often much more complicated.

In her post, Kay said: “There are a number of reasons you’re not seeing more businesses close right now: they may not be able to afford to break their lease or make loan payments, they may have reserves from previous years, you might be lucky enough to have personal savings or other more successful businesses to keep you afloat.

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“They could be living off a partner’s salary; they may have buried their heads in the sand or are holding on for dear life (and who can blame them), they may not really know what else to do but move on.

“Our sales are down 38 percent compared to last year, our ingredient costs are up, and we are paying staff more. Due to the length of our lease and loan payments, we have no choice but to move on.”

The post received a great deal of support from customers and other local businesses. Still, Kay said bristol live that deciding to be so honest about her circumstances hadn’t been easy.


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