Clifton homeowners criticized for LGBTQ+ canopy

A Bristol family has come under fire for decorating the canopy of their home in rainbow colors to represent the LGBT community. The vibrating awning has been called ugly and a foreclosure notice was issued on the building following complaints from residents.

The colorful awning sits on property at The Paragon in Clifton, which is part of the city’s most famous view from the Suspension Bridge. However, the owner admits that he never obtained planning permission for the project.

Businessman Ken Aylmer, 52, speaking to the Telegraph, said he painted the canopy bright rainbow colors because his family are supporters of LGBT rights and as a thank you to the NHS after a relative was treated for cancer. However, despite his good intentions, the canopy decoration has been questioned as it is an “architecturally important terrace” in a prominent position in the conservation area.

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A member of the Clifton & Hotwells Improvement Society said: “This conspicuously painted canopy came to the attention of the society some months ago, as a result of which we reported the matter to the planning police.”

They said the canopy was attached to a listed house that forms part of an “architecturally significant terrace” in a prominent position in the conservation area.

“The bright colors of the rainbow are completely inappropriate and do not mix with the colors of the neighboring properties. There is no evidence that such canopies were painted in anything other than monochrome.”


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