DWP paying up to £172 per week extra from April – full list of medical reasons issued

The DWP is paying millions of Britons with specific medical conditions up to an extra £172 a week, even if they are still able to work. Some three million people across the UK receive personal self-employment payments, which are awarded to people with mental or physical health problems or long-term disabilities.

You may be eligible for PIP if you are over the age of 16 and have trouble doing certain everyday tasks. It is not a means-tested benefit, which means you can receive it even if you are still working or have savings and the amount you are awarded depends solely on how your condition affects you as an individual.

From April 2023, these amounts will also rise by 10.1%, in line with improved state benefits, the Manchester Evening News reports. There are standard and enhanced rates for the daily and mobility aspects of the benefit, with the lowest amount coming in at £24.45 per week for standard mobility, rising to £26.90 from April, and the highest amounting to £ 156.90 per week for both improved. combined rates, increasing to £172.75 per week from next month.

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The DWP has said that about 35 percent of people in PIP receive the highest level of pay, Birmingham Live reports. Taking all this into account, plus the fact that PIP is credited to accounts every four weeks, the maximum amount rises from £627.60 to £691 per month, which equates to around £8,158 per year, amounting to about £8,931 a year. , after April 2023.

What’s more, those in PIP will automatically qualify for the new ‘health element’ of Universal Credit recently announced in the Chancellor’s Budget. This top-up will replace Universal Credit’s existing Limited Capacity for Work and Work-Related Activities (LCWRA) amount, which currently pays £354.28 on top of the standard allowance, which will increase to £390.06 from April 2023.

These reforms would enter 2026 at the earliest. Below is a list of the top 50 medical conditions receiving PIP…


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