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International energy management certification for Grundon Bristol

Grundon’s Bristol site has been awarded ISO 50001 certification for energy management following a detailed audit by national standards body BSI.

The certification recognizes a commitment to address the company’s environmental impact, along with conserving resources and using efficient energy management to improve results.

It also checks Grundon’s data collection processes, including smooth communication between the St Phillip site and the company’s head office, and assesses the company’s ability to implement future actions for energy efficiency.

Jonathon Wrighton, Environment and Energy Technician, said: Our Bristol depot operations are committed to reducing diesel fuel consumption (the majority of energy), through the adoption of route optimization software, along with with the addition of an electric waste collection vehicle.

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“This internationally recognized accreditation recognizes the extra efforts that we, as a company, have made to safeguard our environment and preserve precious resources, while also providing maximum value for our customers.

“Grundon has an excellent energy management system that invests in improving our activities on the site to minimize our energy consumption, including electricity and gas costs, and the use of diesel fuel from the depot.

“We believe in investing in the future and our energy management system has been carefully designed so that our impact on the environment is positive, consistent and efficient.

“We also believe our own internal audit process and regular data monitoring are second to none, reinforcing our requirement to constantly improve year on year.”

Neil Grundon, Chairman of Grundon Waste Management, said: “We are delighted with the hard work, dedication and commitment of all of our Bristol colleagues and the wider team in achieving this important certification.

“We always strive to reduce our energy consumption and we are proud to celebrate this achievement as part of our sustainability journey.”

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